Wednesday, July 28

The National Court revokes by “hasty” the file for two defendants in the Punic case

Image of the headquarters of the National Court.

Image of the headquarters of the National Court.

The Criminal Chamber of the National Court has revoked by “hasty” the file for two defendants in the Punic case whom the accusations place in a plot around an alleged urban fixation in 2004 between The English Court and the Valdemoro City Council to the detriment of the public treasury.

He is the former director of El Corte Inglés Faustino Jose Soriano and from the builder Javier Cid Sicluna, whom the judge in the case, Manuel García Castellón, removed from the case last April “as the perpetration of the crimes” with which they were accused had not been duly justified, nor had “any evidence that allows” linking “them to be found. alleged plot drawn by the prosecution “.

The magistrate already rejected opening this line of investigation and, after appealing the Prosecutor’s Office, the Criminal Chamber agreed with the accusations and forced the instructor to carry out the investigation procedures they requested, mainly the summons of Soriano.

Now, in a car, to which Efe has had access, the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court, upon estimating the appeal of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, to which ADADE adhered, agrees to revoke that resolution “entirely”.

Thus he orders the judge to “continue the proceedings until the conclusion of the investigation phase, It must incorporate all the proceedings “pending and that are” relevant to the final result of the investigation. ”

All this “given the evidence of existing criminality and the hasty decision of the provisional dismissal.”

The Chamber observes that the appealed resolution “omits one of the incidentally fraudulent operations carried out under the direction and participation of the members of the Compensation Board in the UDE West-North sector”, which was chaired by Soriano and “being also a delegate of the Javier Cid Sicluna herself “.

“Nothing is said regarding the participation of both investigated” in that Board, the magistrates insist, recalling that it was there where, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, “urban planning was more evident”,

The Prosecutor’s Office and the accusation brought by the PSOE and ADADE placed these two investigations in a “criminal plan” together with the former Madrid councilor and former mayor of Valdemoro Francisco Granados -the main accused in Púnica-; his successor in the consistory, José Miguel Moreno; the alleged plotter David Marjaliza; and the builder Ramiro Cid, Javier Cid’s brother.

The objective, as they denounce, was to monopolize “parcels of the City Council and rustic land of third parties that would later become developable”, according to the accusations, which suspected the transfer of a plot owned by El Corte Inglés to the company Obras y Vías, owned by Ramiro Cid , with the intervention of the Valdemoro City Council.

There were two contracts: one from December 2004 whereby the multinational company sold 87.66% of a farm located in the El Manjuelo Norte industrial estate to Cid; and another 20 days later of a swap between El Corte Inglés and the City Council for which the former delivered 12.5% ​​of said property and received from the municipality 6 of municipal property in the Peluquera polygon with a value, according to the accusations, lower to the market.

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