Saturday, May 21

The National Police detain a man in Alicante for three consecutive robberies and a sexual assault

Image of the detainee in the police station

Agents of the National Police have arrested the alleged perpetrator of three robberies with violence in the city center in the town of Alicante. In a few minutes, The man would have entered different establishments to take the loot from the cash register. Once identified, he was charged also a sexual assault committed in the middle of the street a few hours before. The violent attitude of the man, who has been brought to justice, ended with an injured agent, according to the General Directorate of the Police.

The 091 Operational Room of the National Police received three different notices in which it was communicated that there had been three robberies with violence consecutive in different establishments, in less than half an hour, in three streets near the city center.

The first warning came about 5:30 in the afternoon. In this first call it was reported that a male had tried to force and take the cash register of an establishment. Seeing that there was no money, he would have run away. A National Police patrol immediately appeared at the scene, while other agents searched the surroundings for people who matched the author’s description.

Just a few minutes later, 091 received a second call for another similar event in a nearby establishment, and a few minutes later a third call alerted of the commission of another violent robbery.

The services coordinator established a device to locate the alleged perpetrator of the events, for which a deployment of uniformed and civilian patrols belonging to the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade, the Prevention and Reaction Unit and the Operative Group was carried out. Response from the Alicante Central Police Station.

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The joint work of the different patrols culminated in the location and arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the events in less than 25 minutes. According to the police source, the individual showed great aggressiveness in all the acts committed, an attitude that he maintained during his arrest and subsequent entry into the cell, to the point that an agent was injured during the intervention.

Once in the police station, after viewing the images from the security cameras of the affected establishments and the recognition made by a victim, the agents determined that the detainee had committed, a few hours before the violent robberies, a sexual abuse in the street, according to the same sources. The National Police continues to work to determine if the arrested person could be involved in more criminal offenses.

The 42-year-old detainee, a Spanish national, has been brought before the Alicante Court of Instruction for the Guard, accused of three robberies with violence and intimidation and one sexual assault.

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