Thursday, April 15

The National Police detain four people and dismantle three black marijuana sales points in Dénia

Substances and money intervened by the National Police in this operation in Dénia.

Substances and money intervened by the National Police in this operation in Dénia.

Agents of the National Police of the Dénia Police Station they have arrested four people and have dismantled three black drug sales points retail, mainly marijuana, located in a premises of a cannabis association and two houses in the historic center of the capital of the Marina Alta. As reported this Sunday by police sources through a statement, the information that began the investigation bequeathed to the agents through complaints from neighbors of the area, in addition to anonymous complaints through the website of the National Police.

Thus, the agents learned after several meetings with neighborhood associations of the existence of two floors in the historic center of Dénia where, apparently, they are allegedly being trafficked at retail with narcotic substances, mainly marijuana, and where the transfer of buyers of this drug was constant throughout the day. At the same time, the National Police website received several anonymous complaints about these addresses, in which it was assured that they were used for the sale of drugs and that there was a marijuana plantation inside.

Once the information was received, the corresponding police operation was ordered, made up of uniformed and plainclothes agents from the Citizen Security Brigade and the Dénia Judicial Police Brigade. Surveillance and actions were established around the buildings described, and the device quickly paid off. The policemen watched as the dripping of people entering and leaving the premises used by the cannabis association It was constant, and that they were carrying doses of marijuana on the way out, so presumably the entity was being used to traffic with this substance. Likewise, they confirmed that the people who ran the association were the same people who used the other two properties investigated where there was allegedly a marijuana plantation and where this drug was also trafficked.

Once all the components of the criminal network had been identified, a special police device was organized that obtained the arrest of the four investigated, being the president, the secretary, the treasurer and a member of the cannabis association. Several registries were also carried out in which 1.5 kilos of marijuana buds and almost 100 plants, apart from seedlings, useful for the growth of plants and about 1,000 euros in cash. The main person in charge, a 28-year-old Spanish national, was placed at the disposal of the Dénia Investigating Court, while the other arrested were released once they were heard in a statement at police stations.

There is a curious circumstance, on the other hand, that a few days ago the Provincial Court of Alicante decreed the dissolution of another cannabis association, also in Dénia, for using the entity to traffic drugs, as stated in the sentence, as published this newspaper.

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