Thursday, December 9

The National Police detain six people in Elche for robbing a house

Material seized by the National Police in Elche.

Material seized by the National Police in Elche.

Agents of National Police They arrested six people, five men and one woman, all of Colombian nationality and between the ages of 27 and 67, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with violence and intimidation, injuries, crime against public health and belonging to a group criminal.

It all started when a person appeared at the Elche Police Station and revealed that several people had broken into their home using force, reporting that the assailants asked at all times that they were looking for a person, the victim responding that that person no longer lived at this address, that he was the previous tenant of the real estate and that he did not know his whereabouts.

Given the refusal to find wanted person, the assailants searched the entire house, not knowing the resident they were looking for, since they did not steal anything.

These people, before leaving the home physically assaulted the victim, being threatened so that she would not file a complaint about what happened or else she would have problems.

The victim had to go to the General University Hospital of Elche, to be treated for the injuries she had suffered to her face and that were caused by the blows that the assailants gave her.

Given the seriousness of these events, this investigation was entrusted to the UDEV (Crime Unit and Specialized Violent Crime Unit) of the National Police Station of Elche, being the group specialized in crimes of a nature of nature. violent character and extremely serious. These agents quickly focused the investigation on a criminal network derived from drug trafficking issues, since it was adjusted to a possible drug “rollover” or debt adjustment for a drug purchase or sale transaction.

Fruit of a constant and insightful investigation, the agents found out the identities of the entire criminal group, in the case of 6 people. They immediately organized special devices given the danger of these people.

Initially, in a first police operation, three people were arrested, two in the city of Elche and a third in the city of science (Valencia). After the first arrests and continuing the investigation, those in charge of the case organized another police device to arrest three other people, thus giving up this criminal group investigated for using violence to achieve their end.

In the house searches carried out on various buildings where those arrested resided, the policemen located and intervened various cocaine cutting substancesAs well as 11 grams of this narcotic substance, various utensils for cutting, cooking and pressing the drug, a simulated pistol was also found, which had an appearance similar to those of real fire.

Those arrested were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction in functions of Guardia de Elche, decreeing their entry into provisional prison.

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