Wednesday, December 1

The National Police detain three people in flagrant for robberies with force inside the home

Arrested for stealing from homes in the town of Alicante and Alcoy

Arrested for stealing from homes in the town of Alicante and Alcoy

The National Police of Alicante in its special established device of home theft prevention and rural parties of Alicante have arrested three people in flagrante delicto, in two different interventions, as responsible for From Robberies with Force indoors committed in the localities of Alicante and Alcoy.

Two arrested for robbery inside a house in Alicante

Agents of the National Police of Alicante, last Wednesday at around 8:00 p.m. received a call at the Intelligent Command, Communication and Control Center (CIMACC 091) where the alarm center reported that the intrusion warning and through the CCTV surveillance cameras, two unknown persons were observed inside the house, wearing completely black, with a black cap, one of them carrying a light-colored backpack.

Immediately, several uniformed patrols were mobilized to the scene of the events, which, once they verified that the garage doors were forced and that from there you could access the interior of the houses, finding a lock pick key.

In the same way, and thanks to the quick action of the agents, just 50 meters from the scene of the events, near an open field, two young men were found lying and crouching in some bushes and next to them a light-colored backpack, which contained flashlights, lock picks, gloves and other material used regularly in the manipulation of locks and in crimes of robbery with force, being able to verify the agents that they are the authors of the robbery.

The two men arrested, of Ukrainian nationality, 21 and 22 years old, who were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of the Guard of Alicante.

The arrest was carried out by agents of the Operational Response Group of the Northern District Police Station and by agents of the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade, Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) and Citizen Attention Group.

One arrested for Robbery inside a house in Alcoy

On the other hand, in a different police operation, different units of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Police Station of Alcoy have arrested a person in that locality, being caught red-handed stealing inside a home in the company of another woman, still unidentified, through the modus operandi of the slip, who after repeatedly ringing the bell, they manipulated the door with sudden movements, opening this one with a bang and finding himself face to face with its inhabitant, who was coming out of the bathroom at that moment, one of the women manifesting that he had made a mistake, facing them, which made them run away in a hurry.

Moments later, one of the women who fully coincided with the characteristics provided by the applicant was located and identified in the vicinity of the violated house, about to get on a nearby bus, which without any documentation, and provided the agents with a false address. She was in a vigilant and nervous attitude, being recognized by the injured party, although she had already taken off the dark-colored coat she was wearing when she entered the home.

The detainee is a 31-year-old woman, of Brazilian nationality, with various police records, who was handed over to the Alcoy investigating court on guard duty.

The Alicante Provincial Police Station has designed a special prevention device to avoid the commission of these acts and those related to the illegal occupation of real estate, which has made it possible to reinforce the police presence in the zones and time slots most likely to commit this type of act, with policemen in uniform and plain clothes, getting down the number of crimes and occupations produced in the province of Alicante, wanting to emphasize that citizen collaboration is essential so that the police can intervene immediately.

All these actions are based on the instructions issued by the State Attorney General’s Office to unify the criteria for action of the Public Ministry regarding the raids and usurpations of properties that are produced and that have their development in Instruction 2/2020 of the SES, which establishes a protocol of action of the State Security Forces and Bodies in the face of the illegal occupation of buildings.

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