Thursday, November 26

The National Police dismantles a point of sale of drugs and a source of contagion of covid in the center of Alicante

A large number of young people used to gather there to consume narcotic substances.

A large number of young people used to gather there to consume narcotic substances.

Agents of the National Police have detained four people between 25 and 29 years of age, of Spanish and French nationalities for a alleged crime of drug traffic Y membership of a criminal group.

The investigation focused on a place intended as weed and hashish smokers club that it failed to comply with various serious administrative requirements and since apparently narcotic substances were being distributed at retail to anyone who wanted it, mainly marijuana and hashish, with more than 1,300 partners.

The information reached the agents through the services provided by the police stations for the interrelation between citizens and Police Agents, the Citizen Participation Unit. This contact can be at a private level or through associations or institutions and involves great collaboration in the discovery of criminal offenses of all kinds. In this case it facilitated the location of a drug sale point where a significant number of people congregated.

Once the information has been received, the Narcotics Group of the Crime and Organized Crime Unit of Alicante launched the corresponding special police device to verify the veracity of the facts and to dismantle the point of sale of drugs.

In collaboration with the Narcotics Group, the Operational Response Group of the Central District Police Station, verified, after several surveillance, the great confluence of peopleBoth inside and outside the establishment, where the acquisition and consumption of narcotic substances took place.

Once the facts had been verified, the Narcotics Group informed the Court of what happened, which ordered the entry and search of the premises. An operation was immediately launched in which the police found, upon entering the establishment, 5 kilograms of marijuana buds ready to be sold at retail, 48 joint-type cigarettes prepared for sale, and cash from the illegal activity.

At the time of entry and registration, 21 people were inside, of which four of them were arrested for a crime of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group and 10 were punished for consumption or possession of narcotic substances.

In the development of the illicit activity, narcotic substances were trafficked flagrantly breaching sanitary limitations imposed by the Generalitat Valenciana in response to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how not to wear a mask or lack of safety distancing Therefore, 21 proposals were issued for administrative sanction.

The operation also had the participation of the Unit Attached to the Valencian Community of the National Police competent in the administrative inspection of the premises, resulting in sanction for non-compliance with preventive health measures against COVID, exceeding capacity restrictions and not maintaining the social distancing allowed between attendees, sanctioning 4 of its workers for these events and its head of the premises for dto carry out an activity different from that of the license, in addition to observing irregularities in the emergency exits and lack of fire extinguishers and for not having insurance and allowing illegal activities and obstruction of the inspection function.

The agents continue to work for the arrest of other executive members of the association who are currently in France.

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