Tuesday, October 19

The National Police have arrested eight people in different operations for drug trafficking during the Christmas campaign

Eight people are arrested for drug trafficking crimes during the Christmas campaign in Alicante

Eight people are arrested for drug trafficking crimes during the Christmas campaign in Alicante

National Police officers on the occasion of the development of the special police device to enjoy a safe christmas, the control of the distribution, sale and consumption of narcotic substances has been intensified on these dates.

The Provincial Commissioner of the National Police of Alicante has coordinated different actions to combat the drug trafficking, to prevent the entry of narcotic substances into the city, and prevent consumption and retail among young people, with the result of the arrest of eight people for drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group, seizing 21 kilos of marijuana buds, 290 grams of cocaine, 33 grams of Speed, 49 grams of marijuana, 6 grams of hashish, 4 scales of precision, 4100 euros in cash, 2 high-end vehicles, as well as documentation and effects related to the trafficking of narcotic substances.

Interception of high-end vehicles used as a shuttle to introduce drugs into Alicante

Agents of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police, of the Violent Crime Group, after investigations and telephone interventions established a police device to locate and arrest a criminal group dedicated to the instruction of narcotic substances in the city of Alicante.

The way they used to introduce the drug was done using dThe vehicles one of them acting as a shuttle driving at high speed in order to be able to warn each other in case of observing police controls on the road, hiding the merchandise in hidden places of these vehicles.

After detecting in surveillance that a member of the gang was going to carry out a transport from Almería in order to provide a significant amount of marijuana, they practiced follow-ups to both this and the rest of the band that they tried to help to enter this to vehicles inside the city.

Given the danger due to the high speed at which it circulated, the agents had to completely cut off traffic on the highway from the entrance to the city, with the collaboration of Citizen Security Units, to preserve the safety of the rest of the road users.

Finally, one of the vehicles was intercepted at the same moment, carrying a total of 21 kilos of marijuana buds packed in large plastic bags and 3,500 euros in cash hidden inside, later locating the second vehicle that acted as a shuttle after a chase in the town of Berja (Almería).

The operation culminated in the arrest of the five members of the criminal organization, four of them of Spanish nationality and one of Nigerian nationality, all of them aged between 45 and 59 years of age, being placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court of Guard from the same town.

Control devices in the north and leisure area of ​​Alicante

In two different police actions, agents of the Northern District Commissioner managed to dismantle a network that was responsible for distributing different substances in retail doses Narcotics that were to be distributed this Christmas, for consumption among the youngest.

Agents of the Investigation Group, located two points of sale of narcotic substances in one of the main downtown streets of the city, an activity carried out in two homes close to each other. After various surveillance, all members of the network were identified, who shared the functions of customer reception, water carrier and sale of the doses, ending the investigation with the two domiciliary searches.

In the first registration, a total of 33 grams of Speed, 49 grams of marijuana, 6 grams of hashish, a precision scale and 600 euros were intervened.

In the second, a total of 290 grams of cocaine, 3 precision scales, two hydraulic presses, annotations, a packaging machine and a series of different cutting products were seized.

Both devices resulted in the arrest of three people, a 39-year-old woman of Spanish nationality and two more of Colombian nationality, 28 and 33 years of age, placed at the disposal of the Investigative Court of Guard of the same locality.


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