Thursday, October 21

The National Police raises 1,280 acts of sanction to drivers for the perimeter closure

A control of the National Police last Friday in the avenue of the University.

A control of the National Police last Friday in the avenue of the University.

The National Police has raised more than 3,200 acts of sanction and has detained 24 people during the first weekend of the perimeter closure of the 16 cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants of the Valencian Community, while the Civil Guard has imposed 512 sanctions, as reported this Monday by the Government Delegation. Of the 3,200 police reports to drivers who have breached the perimeter closure, 1.280 have been raised in the Alicante province, specifically in Alicante, Orihuela, Elche, Benidorm, Alcoy, Elda and Petrer. For its part, the Civil Guard has sanctioned another 71 people in Torrevieja and San Vicente del Raspeig.

The State Security Forces and Bodies in the Valencian Community have completed the controls to maintain the sealing of the sixteen large cities at six this morning, after a Sunday in which, according to the same sources, there were no major traffic incidents , but there are specific retentions in the entrances to large cities from seven in the afternoon.

In addition, a device has traveled early this morning to the Manises airport to guard the distribution of another 30,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine, which have been delivered to the Ministry of Health.

The Government delegate, Gloria Calero, has highlighted “above all the commitment of the majority of the population”, which has complied with the restrictions despite “the fatigue” of having a year of health emergency, and has thanked the work of the agents of the National Police and Civil Guard during the last days.

The National Police, the body that has deployed the most devices over the weekend because it has powers in most of the perimeter cities, has drawn up just over 3,200 sanction acts and has arrested 24 people for breaching the restrictions.

By provinces, in that of Valencia 6,410 people and 5,680 vehicles were controlled over the weekend (of which 1,007 were not allowed to enter or leave the big cities); 1,757 minutes have been drawn up, of them 299 for breaching the curfew, 244 for not wearing a mask and 8 for excessive people in vehicles and 5 for illegal parties, and one person has been arrested.

In the province of Alicante, 4,330 people have been identified, 4,120 vehicles have been reviewed, 1,280 minutes have been drawn up and 22 people have been detained in the different controls (10 for complaint, 6 for disobedience, 5 for road safety and 1 for attack).

During the afternoon of Friday there were major traffic jams on the main access roads to Alicante, Benidorm and Elche, although on Saturday and Sunday the traffic jams were practically non-existent, and during the weekend there were no large bottles, stays, or crowds in beaches.

In addition, there was a brawl on Sunday morning in the north of Alicante capital in which 10 people intervened, of which 2 were arrested for injuries.

In the province of Castellón, a total of 247 minutes were drawn up, of them 146 for breaching the perimeter closure, 44 for the curfew, 30 for group excesses and 27 for the mask. A man was arrested for serious resistance to authority; A bottle of 5 people was dismantled, and 8 minutes were instructed for a group sports activity.

For its part, the Civil Guard has imposed 512 sanctions over the weekend, of which 256 correspond to Sunday (105 in Valencia, 80 in Castellón and 71 in Alicante). The Armed Institute has controlled access to cities; It has carried out informational controls so that the vehicles turned around and did not enter the confined municipalities, and part of its agents have patrolled rural areas to avoid the organization of parties in villas or farmhouses.

Throughout the weekend, more than 10,000 agents have been on alert to ensure compliance with the restrictions in the Valencian Community, and two Civil Guard and National Police helicopters have been deployed, as well as drones to inspect the coast.

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