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The nature reserve that is in danger of extinction by tourists who have sex in the place

More than 14 million tourists a year receives Gran Canaria, mainly for this natural attraction.

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There is no doubt about impact left by footprintss of human beings as far as environmental issues are concerned. Unfortunately, by our actions many wonders of the planet have disappeared or are currently in danger of extinction and all for not respecting natural spaces.

That’s what could happen to the Special Natural Reserve Dunas de Maspalomas, on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, which is one of the great tourist attractions of the place because visitors can enjoy the sea so much like sand dunes In one single place.

The Maspalomas Dunes Special Nature Reserve has been protected since 1982 by the Spanish authorities, as it is one of the last remaining mobile dune systems in all of Europe; in addition to providing a resting place for birds that migrate between Africa and the so-called “Old Continent”.

But also since time has become a very attractive place for tourists, which little by little have been destroying the natural beauty of the site. This is how an article recently published in the Journal of Environmental Management describes it, entitled “Sand, sun, sea and sex with strangers, the ‘five S’s’. Characterizing the ‘cruising’ activity and its environmental impacts in a protected coastal dune field ”.

It turns out that a group of researchers undertook the task of knowing what is the true environmental impact generated by this coastal reserve after it was taken as a “cruising zone”, that is, visitors have sex with strangers in public places.

The researchers made an inventory of 298 “sex spots” on the beach, in a total area of ​​more than 2 square miles, mainly between “thick and dense vegetation” and nebkhas, which are dunes that crowd around vegetation. They studied them during May 2018, a period that included the local Gay Pride festival.

The study concluded that Sex between tourists and the “trampling for cruising” impacts “directly” not only on the nebkhas, but also on 8 species of native plants, 3 of which are endemic, They found.

Unfortunately it was discovered that tourists trample vegetation, remove plants and sand, make their own “nests”, even fences, and dump waste such as cigarettes, condoms, toilet paper, wipes and cans on the spot. In addition, there are those who use the dunes as if they were public baths.

Even the dune “no-go zone”, which is completely off-limits to the public, while other areas are restricted, was found to have 56 marked places to have sex.

“What’s more, the giant lizards of Gran Canaria, a popular sight in the Canary Islands, died after eating condoms left by pleasure seekers,” wrote Patrick Hesp, one of the report’s authors, in an article for The Conversation.

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