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The negotiation of the regional Budgets is “stalled” by the red lines, according to the PP

Maria Guardiola / TODAY

María Guardiola assures that her party’s proposal for “tax cuts is perfectly acceptable”

“Stuck”. This is how the negotiation of the General Budgets of the Autonomous Community (PGEx) for 2023 is found, according to the president of the PP in Extremadura, María Guardiola. The leader of the popular ones points out that the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has presented accounts “armored and with too many red lines”, but has insisted that there is room for agreement until Monday, the 17th, when regional accounts are registered in the Assembly of Extremadura for processing.

Guardiola believes that, for now, there has only been a “face to face” negotiation and has insisted that it is time to lower taxes and negotiate a structural fiscal reform, because the Board is entering more than ever and that effort is to give it back to families and companies in Extremadura.

At a press conference this Tuesday in Cáceres, he recalled that the negotiating teams of the PP and the PSOE have already met several times, but the issue “is stalled.” “This is a matter of political will and I am not in politics to negotiate patches, but to offer serious solutions,” he stressed.

For this reason, he has asked the Chairman of the Board to hold new meetings so that negotiations can be carried out until the end and there is the capacity to make “a real tax cut and not the trompe l’oeil of rates and prices that he has sold”, he said, since “For an Extremaduran to save 48 euros a year, they must have a hunting license, a fishing license, a transport card and pass the ITV”.

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“What is the use of lowering 48 euros in rates if the price increase is going to cost Extremadurans 2,580 euros a year?”, asked the regional president of the PP, who has stressed that this price drop does not affect to the people who need it most.”

Income tax reduction

Likewise, he has once again defended the reduction of personal income tax in the regional section, by 8% and 10%, depending on income, and has recalled that since last summer, the PP has put three pacts on education on the table, health and financing to maintain the quality of public services.

“We have five days and three agreements, Mr. Vara. Here is my hand. There is room,” Guardiola defended, while criticizing that the crisis “cannot be dispatched with headlines, but with an ambitious and courageous response.”

In his speech, he reiterated that the Treasury Minister has said that the accounts will be increased by 700 million euros, and that they will serve to protect the Welfare State. In the opinion of the Board, that idea does not fit with lowering taxes, but the leader of the PP believes that “it is a deception to Extremadura” when the rest of the Autonomous Communities, some with socialist governments, lower personal income tax.

“My hand is still outstretched because our tax reduction proposal is perfectly acceptable,” said María Guardiola, who has asked Vara for “an effort” so that “he does not dispatch this with thick red lines.”

Guardiola has pointed out that, “at the moment, lowering taxes is not on the right or on the left, it is simply the right thing to do”, and has reproached Fernández Vara for not wanting to carry it out because the PP where he governs is doing it.

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