Wednesday, September 27

The neighborhood association Intramuros de Plasencia asks for underground parking for those who do not have a garage

Intramuros reiterates its request for more police presence in the Plaza Mayor and surroundings. / today

The group that represents the residents of the historic center requests “to promote the Tuesday Mayor, with a tendency to disappear”

«Underground car parks that respond mainly to residents without a garage». It is one of the requests that the Intramuros neighborhood association makes after its last general assembly, held on May 26. The request is explained because “many parking spaces have been eliminated in the Bishop Amadeo and San Pedro de Alcánatara squares, San Pedro street, La Salle avenue, San Nicolás, etc.”

The group also calls for a greater police presence, and proposes that “the district office of the Local Police on Calle del Rey be joint with the National Police.” It also demands improvements in the pavement of several downtown streets (San Pedro, Moreras, Verdugo, Plaza Mayor, Ansano and Santo Domingo, among others) and more control over those who do not collect the feces of their pets.

The association also calls for underground garbage containers, chewing gum cleaning “with bristle machinery with circular rollers”, better signage for the car parks on Velázquez and Eulogio González streets, a tourist information point at the Plaza Mayor kiosk and the replacement of benches, litter bins, broken bollards and horizontal and vertical signage in the urban center.

Ask for the Trade Manager

Intramuros also wonders what the Commerce manager is doing, hired to boost this pillar of the local economy. “Some neighbors have seen her replacing the municipal registry official, and working in other municipal departments,” says the association, which in this same area, that of commercial activity in the urban center, asks “to promote the historic market of Tuesday Mayor with a tendency to disappear. To try to avoid it, he proposes to implement aesthetic improvements, such as “matching awnings, counters, signage and advertising.”

Advocates finding a solution to the problem of “pagans on public roads”

In the last general assembly, the need to put an end to the problem posed by “the beggars on public roads” was also addressed. The group understands that it is necessary to “give support and solutions to the many homeless people who roam the historic center and the Plaza Mayor.” It appeals to “an efficient response by social and welfare services, so that they do not project an image of lack of attention to the city, since there have been cases in which one of them removed the amount from the table of nightstands and terraces. of the drink paid by the customer while the waiter went to pick it up».

Among the association’s requests there is also “the cleaning up, demolition and adaptation of the corner of the Talavera gate, as the main entrance for tourism that comes by bus, since there are houses that are being expropriated and some that have already been.” In addition, the group considers it necessary to “update the regulatory ordinance of terraces and nightstands, to adjust it to the legislation of the Junta de Extremadura on public shows.” In the same way, it asks again that the upper part of the Plaza de Abastos function as an exhibition hall, and the reopening of the Marqués de Mirabel palace to tourism, in addition to “the revitalization of downtown homes that are closed or abandoned, with incentives and aid for rehabilitation and rental”.

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