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The networks burn with the election of Chanel as the representative of Spain in Eurovision

The choice of Chanel as representative of Spain in Eurovision It has caused a pitched battle in the networks. The Tanxugueiras, the trio made up of Aída Tarrío and the sisters Olaia and Sabela Maneiro, They were the crowd favorites. benidormfest, and winners of the televote and the demographic vote. Rigoberta Bandini also had the favor of the public, but the one who finally won the jury prize was Chanel.

Many tweeters have not hesitated to talk about tongo, and the hashtag #jurado is a trending topic. Attempts to calm things down a bit have fallen on deaf ears in the face of outrage at what is seen as an unfair award.

Ana Peleteiro, on Eurovision 2022: “The opportunity we just missed”

The Galician athlete Ana Peleteiro, bronze medal in triple jump at the Tokyo Olympics, today dedicated a tweet to the BenidormFest jury in which he tells them: “You don’t know what an opportunity we just missed because of you.”

“Tanxu semper”, claims on that social network Peleteiro, who is from Ribeira (A Coruña), like Aída Tarrío, one of the components of that tambourine trio, while the sisters Sabela and Olaia Maneiro belong to Teo.

Feijóo congratulates Tanxugueiras for “exceptional work”

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has congratulated the “Tanxugueiras” for the work done at the Benidorm Fest, so “exceptional” which has allowed them to have the highest scores in televoting and demographic voting.

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On his official Twitter account, the Galician president tells them that “they have shown that there are no borders” since, he observes, “they have excited people from outside Galicia and have made many feel that ‘Terra’, a muiñeira and in Galician, can represent Spain in Eurovision”.

“What has been achieved is a lot. Congratulations for an exceptional job”, closes the comment.

Chanel and her song “SloMo” will represent Spain in Eurovision 2022 after her victory tonight in the final of the first edition of Benidorm Fest with 96 points, which includes the jury’s highest score.

Rigoberta Bandini came in second with 91 points, starting with “Ay Mama” as the great favourite, followed by Tanxugueiras with 90 as the other great contenders of the evening for victory.

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