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The new Adidas headphones that are recharged with light, promises that you will never have to use a charger

Adidas has put some solar wireless headphones on the window, and they are made from recycled materials.

The new ones Bluetooth headphones headband Adidas RPT-02 SUN I know recharge with lighteither solar energy either artificial light. Adidas ensures that you never have to use a charger, and therefore does not include it. Although he sends it to you for free if you ask him.

Fashion clothing and accessories companies are among the most polluting in the world. Not only because of the manufacturing processes, but because they encourage fashions that change every year, as well as the throwaway culture. That’s why it’s good to see media giants like Adidas switching to recycling and reducing carbon footprints, though it has yet to prove it’s not just marketing.

The headphones Adidas RPT-02 SUN They seem like a step in the right direction. These are wireless headband headphones that connect via Bluetooth. But they do have some important features: they are made with recycled materialsthey can be disassembled to change parts that have been damaged, and they recharge with light.

Solar and recycled headphones

51% of the product is made up of plastic, of which 87% comes from recycled PC and ABS plastics and recycled nylon that have already had a previous use (except the plastic of electronic components). Also the inside of the headband and ear pads are removable and washable.

If the headband breaks or the pads are damaged, they can be replaced with others, without the need to dispense with the entire device.

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The other great adidas innovation is the recharge by lightboth solar energy and artificial light:

They use technology Powerfoyle by Exeger, an innovative light cell material that transforms any type of natural and artificial light into a charge for the battery.

Adidas promises that if you leave the headphones in a place where there is light or use them on the street, you never have to recharge them. A bar indicator tells you if it captures little or a lot of light depending on where you leave it, and from the mobile itself you can see the exact intensity. At full charge, they offer 80 hours of autonomy.

That’s why the headphones Adidas RPT-02 SUN They don’t come with a charger, though they do work with one if you need it (say, if you run out of battery overnight), and they’ll send it to you for free if you ask.

Apple AirPods 3

I want to buy some Apple headphones, which are the best in 2022?

They are not headphones for running, as they have a headband, but they can be used even in the rain, thanks to the IPX4 protection. Also on a rainy day, they recharge.

From a technical point of view they have two 40mm dynamic drivers with frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz. They connect with Bluetooth 5.2 and they have a control button with 5 functions: Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Next Track/Previous Track, Sync.

The headphones Adidas RPT-02 SUN That recharge with light and are made with recycled materials are already on sale in your online store, at a price of €229. They are also available on Amazon, but are temporarily out of stock.

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