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The new Almendralejo Tourist Office will have access from the Plaza de la Iglesia and San Antonio

Virtual image of the projected building. / TODAY

The 2G Arquitectos studio, winner of the project to rehabilitate the old Post Office, proposes a classic facade painted white

The 2G Arquitectos de Almendralejo team has won the competition for the rehabilitation of the old Post Office building. It was tendered by the Diputación de Badajoz in December for 26,886 euros. The building was acquired in 2016 by the City Council for 350,000 euros to expand the municipal offices, but the work was not carried out. The new government team this year has reached an agreement with the Provincial Council to give the building a mixed use by both administrations. In addition, it is the Provincial Administration that will carry out the management, bidding and execution of the works.

Thanks to an agreement signed in September, the cost of the renovation work will also be in equal parts, with an estimated amount of 590,934 euros. The intention is to locate the Tourist Office and also other provincial services.

The winning project, called ‘The bald beauty’, plans to rehabilitate the existing building and expand the constructed area with a building in what was previously used as a garage for Post Office vehicles. There will be a patio located right between both buildings.

Architect Miguel Ángel González Gómez told HOY that the project signed by 2G Arquitectos aims to integrate the building into its surroundings. “The extension is a white wall with a succession of gaps of a classical order, but more current.” The project foresees a classic facade for a building that will have a double access for the citizens, one from the Plaza de la Iglesia and the other from the Avenida de San Antonio. On the ground floor will be the Tourist Office, with access from both streets. The place is presented as a “semi-open showcase that connects this space with the outside, giving it visibility, as well as introducing inside the views on the Monsalud Palace, just opposite. Leaving the entire building unified as a whole.

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open space

The office will have two floors. The main one, located on the ground floor, will be used mainly for receiving visitors. The basement will be for storage. Inside, it is a diaphanous space organized around a central counter, which organizes the space into a public area connected to the views of the Monsalud Palace and an administration work area, illuminated by the interior patio.

Once it begins to function, there will be significant savings in the rental of the premises that now have this service next to the Church of Purification.

“Above all, it is a project of integration into the environment,” said the architect, who highlights the simplicity of the building, which will be painted white and will dispense with the use of porcelain or sheet metal materials. It is about “eliminating any superfluous element and keeping only the essential”.

The offices of the Diputación are projected on three levels. A ground floor in the enlarged area, a first for offices organized in two wings and a second also for offices connected to the main stairs.

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