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The new bike path for Altabix will run through the center of Avenida de Alicante to the Ciudad Deportiva

Esther Díez, mayor of Sustainable Mobility points out that the objective of the project is to continue with the commitment to sustainable mobility in the city that has one of its fundamental axes in cyclists “because they guarantee the change of model towards a non-polluting transport that benefits to the neighbours”. The second goal is to “pacify the avenue of Alicante with an effective reduction of the driving speed of 30 km / h to reduce the level of contamination, that already has decreased by 50% with the pedestrianization of the Corredora and the bike path of Avenida JuanCarlos I “, says the councilor.

From the area they assured this Monday that the future road is designed to provide total safety to the cyclist because even though the circulation of cyclists will be through the center, “it will be segregated from road traffic with a physical separation from the road.” The reason that it is in the center where cyclists circulate is because “it is the safest because it avoids conflicts with the car at intersections, with bus stops, container management and loading and unloading areas. ”, Has indicated Esther Díez. It will be 1,520 meters long, between 2.50 and 3 meters wide, and it will be approached in two sections.

Two sections

The bike path will have two sections. The first, located in the most traditional part of Altabix, aims to reduce the volume of traffic by reducing the speed of the road while maintaining surface parking spaces, since it is an area that does not have underground or private spaces. In this section Continue along the Avenida Juan Carlos I bike path for 160 meters along the north side of the street to the Plaza de Benidorm.

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From there, the incorporation to the central part of Avenida Alicante will take place. In this avenue, one of the 2 traffic lanes in the direction of Alicante, the one with the least pressure, will be eliminated, so that There will only be 3 lanes left, two entering Elche and one leaving Alicante. In this way, it will also be possible to meet the objective of reducing the volume of traffic on the road.

Along the avenue there will be entry and exit additions for cyclists. Left turn lanes will be maintained in the area of ​​the Altabix gas station and the entrance to the sports city, so that users of the neighborhood can enter and exit normally.

The second section will start from The Garden of Montenegro In addition to lowering the speed of vehicles, it also seeks to “guarantee the level of service, since from this point on, traffic contributions are received when the inner roads of the city come out. That is why we have given it a differential treatment ”, points out the Councilor for Mobility.

This section will maintain the two entry and exit lanes towards Alicante. It will be achieved by eliminating the 15 parking spaces of surface “in an area that has new farms with their own parking lots so that they do not need places on the street like the previous part,” says Díez. Centimeters of road will also be gained by widening the road at the expense of the sidewalks at the height of the sports city and the Altabix industrial estate.

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The new bike path ends at the zebra crossing at the end of the Juan Carlos Romero sports center before the roundabout.


The lane will have a surface treatment made up of a double layer of red synthetic resins and non-slip acrylic paint at road crossings, also red.

Rider protection is ensured by reflective white acrylic paint lines, 10 cm high blunt edge curbs painted in white / black, reflective flexible bollards at the beginning and end of the curbs and reflective cylindrical beacons every 25 – 30 meters.

Another of the peculiarities of the road is that it will have advanced waiting areas for the cyclist to give them “visibility” and “advantage”. Cyclists will be governed by the same traffic light phases as vehicles, duplicating the “traffic light heads” with a bicycle pictogram.

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