Saturday, November 27

The new deployment of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine that worries the European Union and the United States

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56th Airborne Brigade

Image source, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


The Kremlin has deployed more than 114,000 troops to the border with Ukraine.

As the world continues to watch the migrant crisis between Belarus and Poland, another quieter escalation looms over Eastern Europe.

For days, Russia has begun to move a considerable number of troops and military equipment towards the border with Ukraine, to the point that several governments, including those of the US and the European Union (EU), have warned about the possibility of an attack this winter.

Kiev and Moscow have been technically at war for more than seven years (when Putin invaded and annexed Crimea) and border clashes and Russian military movements are frequent in the area.

In fact, last spring, alarms also sounded when Russian tanks deployed to the Ukrainian border.

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