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The new dome of the Mossos separates the mayor who investigated the Catalan Government

The Mossos d’Esquadra have made public this Monday their new organization chart after the relief of Josep Lluís Trapero by the trident that heads Josep Maria Estela beside Eduard Sallent Y Rosa Bosch. The changes ordered by the new leadership of the Catalan police, which affect 31 commands, do not clarify what will be the new destiny of Trapero, who continues to hold the highest rank within the body, that of elder, but does not have any assigned function. They do decide where the mayor will work from now on Toni Rodriguez: he will be in charge of a police station in the territory, that of Rubí.

The decision has accentuated the discomfort existing in the Catalan body after the controversial departure of Trapero and the subsequent dismissal of Rodríguez as head of the General Criminal Investigation Commission. Rodríguez, an expert in organized crime and criminal phenomena such as the marijuana boom, had ordered investigations that affect members of the Government. Under his direction, the Mossos have investigated the alleged splitting of invoices of the current president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, or the alleged prevarication committed by the former ‘Minister’ of the Interior, Miquel book, by hiring as a personal advisor a mosso who had acted as an escort of Carles Puigdemont in Brussels, or the possible corruption scheme that affects the Lleida Provincial Council.

The fact that Rodríguez was sent to a police station in the territory, far from the command posts, has reactivated the internal feeling in part of the body that both Trapero and Rodríguez, especially this second, had become uncomfortable police officers for investigating these matters and, in addition, according to sources close to the major, to do so without sharing information with the Government about how their instruction was evolving.

The changes also negatively affect the curator Carles Anfruns, appreciated by Trapero but relegated by the new bosses to the Central Hall. Another novelty that, as has happened with Rodríguez, increases on the other hand the suspicion of purging of police officers related to the major.

Ramon Chacon will take over from Rodríguez and will be the new head of the General Police Station for Criminal Investigation and Carles hernandez will assume command of the General Information Commissariat. Both Chacón and Hernández exercised number 2 functions in the respective police stations.

Hours before the Generalitat made public the new organization chart of the Mossos, the PSC launched new attacks against the Government due to the risk of politicizing the body. The spokesperson for the Socialists, Elia Tortolero, has warned the Government that the Socialists will not allow a “patriotic police” to be established in Catalonia: “The last thing we need is a pro-independence version of the ‘Kitchen case'”. Tortolero has announced that the group of PSC-Units will request the appearance of the Catalan vice president, Jordi Puigneró, and the ‘minister’ of Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, before the Parliament.

The new names

At the territorial level, David Boneta will lead the Superior Police Station for Territorial Coordination. Josep Lluís Rossell will be the deputy chief. Commissioner Miquel Esquius will take care of the South Metropolitan Police Region; Vicenç Lleonart will be the one from Camp de Tarragona, and Joan Carles de la Monja, will be responsible for Terres de l’Ebre.

As for the central services, led by Commissioner Porcuna, the appointments of Chacon and Hernández stand out, but there are also other developments. Jordi Ferret will be the commissioner of the General Directorate of the Police; the mayor Monica Luis she will be the new head of the General Technical Commission for Security Planning; the mayor Miquel Àngel Garcia he will be the deputy chief of the Superior Central Coordination Commissariat; Miquel Huesor he will be in charge of the General Commissariat of Operational Resources; the mayor Joan Carles Granja will be the head of the Criminal Investigation Division; Carlos Otamendi will be the head of the Bodyguard Division, and the inspector Bosch Angels She will be the deputy chief of the General Commissariat for Institutional Relations, Prevention and Mediation.

Interior has remarked that this will be the dome with the greatest presence of women. One third of the leadership will be made up of women; the strategic direction will have 50%; 26% will be in the operational direction and 23% in the General Police Stations or Police Regions.

The restructuring of the organization of the Mossos will be consolidated in a third phase of changes that will take place when the calls for promotion to the categories of commissioner (6 places), mayor (10 places) and inspector are resolved (24 seats) to be published next February. Regarding age, the average changes from 56 to 50 years at the leadership and from 55 to 49 years at the strategic direction, when the average age among the group of commissioners is 57 years.

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