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The new government brings out the old quarrels




The exchange of ministerial portfolios has brought to light today the quarrels that existed in the team of Pedro Sanchez. And the discomfort that some of those sacrificed have before the decision of the head of the Government. Reproaches, veiled allusions and major oblivions marked a day with a clear winner,
Felix Bolaños
, a solemn defeat, that of José Luis Ábalos, and a shadow hovering: Ivan Redondo.

The harshness in the farewell of Ábalos, who was the strong man of the PSOE in the Government, has still shocked a good part of the party. From everything to nothing in 24 hours. There was a first attempt from her environment to present her departure as a volunteer. It was not. He found out, like other dismissed workers, on Saturday morning through a phone call from the president. Sánchez had no differences with this dismissal despite the fact that Ábalos was one of the few who accompanied him in the recovery of the leadership of the PSOE.

His act of trespass was a reflection of his downfall. He was hardly accompanied while the ministers crowded into other portfolio exchanges. The most relevant faces in his goodbye were Salvador Illa Y Jose Blanco. The first attended the event because a leader of his training, Rachel Rodriguez, assumed the portfolio. Blanco did so because he held the department in the last Zapatero government.

In this context, the former Minister of Transport did not include Sánchez in his dismissal. And that is already an important message. In addition, he claimed his work and his departure as that of a scapegoat: “One is the head to hit, the one who also has to deal with and mediate.” A good summary for his tasks of these three years as one of the main strengths of Sánchez.

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Nor did the outgoing Minister of Justice have words for the president, Juan Carlos Campo placeholder image, amortized in just over a year after serving in the preparation and granting of pardons. It goes to make room for Pilar Llop, whom Pedro Sánchez has been promoting since he leads the PSOE.

No ministry for Redondo

If Ábalos represented the loneliness of the fall, the other side of the coin was Felix Bolaños. The new Minister of the Presidency assumes ‘de facto’ control and coordination of the Government below the President. And that power was felt. Nobody wanted to miss it. Adriana Lastra Y Santos Cerdán, the main positions of the PSOE that are not part of the Government were also there. The deployment was total.

The three vice-presidents of the Executive, the heads of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares; Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska; Consumption, Alberto Garzon, and the Ministers of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero; Health, Carolina Darias; Industry, Reyes Maroto; Social rights,
Ione Belarra
, they fired Calvo and tucked in a man with whom they will have to dispatch daily.

The one who will be the new Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Government also attended, Oscar Lopez, who yesterday wanted to have a discreet role. At the end of the act he was seen accompanied by Francisco Salazar, Socialist associated with Redondo, of which he was deputy. In Ferraz they await his departure from government structures.

The profound remodeling that Sánchez has carried out within the Government was intended to bury the factions, but it revealed them. The march of Ivan Redondo still planning on remodel. He assures that it is voluntary. His critics say no and that he had ambitions to be the Minister of the Presidency. It points to a pulse with the president. In the PSOE they emphasize that Sánchez did not offer him that or any other department.

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In this hectic landscape, Bolaños He left a message with depth: “These things cannot be asked for nor can they be rejected,” he said, in a phrase that was quickly interpreted as an allusion to Redondo’s ambitions. Bolaños denied it but the enormous satisfaction that he himself made visible, Lastra, Cerdán or Calvo evidenced the importance of what happened for critics with the former director of the Presidency’s cabinet.

Of all the outgoing, only the former first vice president left without showing signs of disappointment. He did not ask to leave, but was aware of the president’s intentions. “It is the most loving transfer in the history of politics,” he said yesterday to refer to Bolaños for his “loyalty:” The president leaves this ministry in the best hands. I am grateful and calm. His replacement by Bolaños is not just any change and that softens the end of Calvo.

To some extent it was a natural and generational changeover. In Ferraz satisfaction is not hidden. Just the output of Open them up leaves in some a bitterness of injustice. But everyone assumes that the president is revolutionizing their teams and that the Executive is just the tip of the iceberg.

Diaphanous as it always was Miquel Iceta, who left Territorial Policy to move on to Culture in what means a clear political fall: “I am very sorry to leave this ministry, I want to say it that clearly, here we have put a lot of hope and many hours.

On your computer and on the PSC They did not imagine this tumble. There is disbelief although the decision is not questioned since they now have two members in the government, one of them in front of transport and its important resources for Catalonia.

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However, this community was the great absentee in this transfer. Neither Iceta had words for her or her successor, Isabel rodriguez, who will also be the new government spokesperson. In fact, this change implies a bet by Sánchez to reduce the media weight of the negotiation with Catalonia before the strong malaise that it unleashes in other territories.

There were also regrets at the departure of the Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, who called the day “bittersweet.” Albares was not delicate in replacing her, stressing that Spain cannot do things “well within” if it does not do them “well outside”.

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