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The new IES Marcos Zaragoza de La Vila: with green areas and two large buildings

The IES Marcos Zaragoza in Vila Joiosa is one of the three educational centers where children have been teaching in barracks for years. On the table there is already a solution to this situation that will improve the conditions of this institute as well as expand it to house the nearly 1,000 students of Secondary, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training. Thus the new center will have new buildings for classrooms and another administrative; but in addition, the exterior patio will be remodeled and two of the buildings of the current center where the schoolchildren teach will be rehabilitated.

The reform of the center has been included in the Edificant Plan with a budget of 11.4 million. The City Council has already expropriated the 10,000 meters of land necessary for the expansion and improvement of this school on land annexed to the current infrastructure. Thus, at the moment the project is being drafted at a cost of nearly 300,000 euros.

Few details were yet known about what the new institute will be like, which will allow the current barracks to be finished. But the City Council, together with the drafting team of the same, has released the first brushstrokes of the new distribution of the classroom blocks as well as what the exterior of the educational center will be like, which will also undergo changes.

Thus, two new buildings will be built and the blocks will be joined by a covered walkway, meeting the requirements transmitted by the educational community of the center, according to municipal sources. The outdoor area will have a cafeteria, a small two-story amphitheater, four sports courts, parking for the center’s staff, lighting furniture, rest and litter bins, and a green area with trees.

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The deadline for writing the project is 6 months. The Councilor for Education, Xente Sebastià, explained that “we want to streamline as much as possible the flow of information between the parties involved in the preparation of this project so that its writing meets the needs of the teaching community” with the “common purpose” that the project «is completed in a timely manner and within the established deadlines».

Once the drafting of the project has been completed by the company, the Municipal Planning Service must give its approval to the project and then the City Council will initiate the procedures for the bidding for the construction contract. Thus, the forecast is that they can tender the works at the end of 2022, added the mayor, so that the center is a reality “as soon as possible.”

Two more schools to end prefabricated classrooms

The IES Marcos Zaragoza in La Vila Joiosa is not the only one in barracks. CEIP Gasparot and Doctor Esquerdo have also had prefabricated classrooms for decades. The construction works of the new buildings for these centers started months ago, one by the Generalitat and the other also with the Edificant Plan.

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