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The new life of Paz Padilla after his dismissal from Mediaset

The former presenter of Telecinco, Paz Padilla. / ec

“I don’t care about being a presenter or scrubbing,” said the woman from Cádiz on her return to television

The last time we had seen Paz Padilla on television was when he left the set of ‘Sálvame’ after a heated confrontation with Belén Esteban on January 20. An exit that led to her sudden dismissal. Since then, we have known about the Cadiz woman because of her posts on social networks, but not a word about her new professional situation until the interview she gave to the program ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on Catalan television TV3. “I will not miss work”, she has assured her on her return to the small screen. «I don’t care being a presenter or scrubbing. The only thing that is clear to me is that I am going to work where I am happy », she has said while she has remembered that« today, I am in the theater ».

And it is that Paz Padilla has experienced a series of losses in recent times that have taught her to face life and death from another perspective. The death of her husband at the age of 53 in July 2020, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor a year earlier, was a severe blow from which the comedian drew lessons that she captured in the self-help book ‘El humor de mi lifetime’. After the publishing success, she has taken the work to the theater where she has taken refuge after finishing with Mediaset. This is not her only joy as she is also preparing a movie based on her life and professional career that she herself would star in.

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From that point on, the artist is calm about her future and only has good words for her old company: «I can only thank Mediaset for giving me these 13 years in which I think I have grown a lot professionally and personally». And it is that, as he has said, he has learned a lot during the decade that he has hosted the controversial television program: “When you work with the truth, you learn to understand, to have patience, to have compassion, to love… I have learned a lot”, has defended.

For her, her dismissal is an opportunity to reinvent herself and relocate professionally. “We have to stop in life to ask ourselves what I want, where am I, am I in the place that corresponds to me?”, She has reflected. And it seems that, in her case, that’s how it is: “I like my life a lot and I’m surrounded by love,” she confirmed.

Despite these statements, in recent weeks the possibility of Paz Padilla filing legal action for his dismissal has been considered. The lawyer and Youtuber Maica Vasco assured that the Cadiz woman had presented “a ballot prior to the judicial process” on February 9. “The defendants are Mediaset, PubliEspaña and La Fábrica de la Tele,” she recounted. According to Maica, Paz requests the annulment of her dismissal or her unfair dismissal. In addition, she “is asking for additional compensation for an amount of 20,000 euros” because she “her right to freedom of expression has been violated,” according to the lawyer’s version. Something on which the humorist has not spoken so far.

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