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The new MacBook Air with M2 are already 174 euros cheaper, and you can choose color

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Apple continues to sweep with its new laptops, which bet on ARM processors.

The new MacBook Air M2 is a milestone in the Apple catalog for two reasons, above all because it deepens the brand’s firm commitment to its ARM processors, but also because it is expected to sweep sales, and it will not be surprising if it does. , especially since the discounts have already started.

Its official price is higher than 1,500 eurosmuch more expensive than other MacBook Air with Apple Silicon chips from previous years, although luckily for all its price has already begun to drop little by little.

There are two stores right now that sell the MacBook Air M2 with discount: Amazon and Media Markt. The first one has lowered it to 1,345 euros, the same price as the second, so you have a choice.

MacBook Air M2 at Amazon

It is a high price if we compare it with other competing models, although little by little ultrabooks have been rising in price, but it is not expensive at all if we value how much it has to offer.

In the analysis of the MacBook Air M2 we have been able to test it thoroughly and in very different circumstances, so we know, for example, that its processor is very powerful and can handle absolutely everything, or almost everything. It allows you to edit video and photo without problems and also performs like few others on a day-to-day basis.

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However, since Apple put its laptops with ARM processors on sale, there is one feature that makes the difference over the others: battery life, and that is that the energy efficiency of these chips is superior.

Apple encrypts the battery at 17 hours of autonomy, although in our tests it has turned out to be somewhat less, staying at about 8-10 hours with normal use, although it can save a little more.

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MacBook Air M2: long-term tour

This model of computer has been put on sale just a few months ago and it comes with the M2 Chip, the most recent of all those that Apple has developed, so it can be expected to have a useful life of many years from now. .

The brand guarantees support and updates for many years, and ARMs seem to withstand the passage of time better than conventional processors, as has already been seen with the M1, which after all are two years old.

For this reason, the 1,345 euros that the MacBook Air M2 They don’t sound like much once all the variables are taken into account.

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