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The new NATO Strategic Concept includes the “security challenges” of the south without mentioning Ceuta and Melilla




The 30 countries of the Atlantic Alliance have approved a new Strategic Concept where they underline that “although NATO is a defensive Alliance, no one should doubt our strength and determination to defend every inch of allied territorypreserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all Allies and prevail against any aggressor.”

“In a competitive environment, we will enhance our global awareness and reach to deter, defend, challenge and deny across domains and directions, online with our 360 degrees», it is underlined.

In this way, NATO recognizes Spanish aspirations to also take into account the challenges and threats coming from the southern flank, mainly from the Sahel and North Africa.

Of course, the Atlantic Alliance does not expressly mention Ceuta and Melilla in the document that will serve as NATO’s roadmap for the coming years. The two autonomous cities are not mentioned.

Mention to North Africa and the Sahel

The point 11 of the ‘Strategic environment’ section also has a section dedicated to the southern flank, highlighting the challenges and threats from Africa Y Middle East and expressly mentioning the sahel: «Conflicts, fragility and instability in Africa and the Middle East directly affect our security and the security of our partners», is highlighted without mentioning, as is obvious on the other hand, the situation in Ceuta and Melilla.

“The NATO’s southern neighborhood, particularly the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel regions, face interconnected security, demographic, economic and political challenges. These are aggravated by the impact of climate change, fragile institutions, health emergencies and insecurity. This situation provides fertile ground for the proliferation of non-state organizations. armed groups, including terrorist organizations. It also allows destabilizing and coercive interference of strategic competitors”, explains the new Strategic Concept.

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The preface acknowledges that the new Strategic Concept “reaffirms NATO’s key objective of ensuring collective defence, based on a 360º approach»that is, in all directions including the southern flank.

It should be noted that the document devotes a large part of the points to the new reality facing NATO, influenced by «Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine: «The Euro-Atlantic region is not at peace. The Russian Federation has violated the norms and principles that have contributed to a stable and predictable security order in Europe.”

The document consists of 16 pages with 49 points divided into a preface, objective and principles, strategic environment, key NATO missions and three measures to ensure the sustained success of the Alliance.

In the new document, the allies do not rule out “the possibility of an attack against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Allies.”


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