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The new north access to Elche brings more concrete and fewer palm trees

Operators working yesterday in one of the roundabouts of the northern round.  |

Operators working yesterday in one of the roundabouts of the northern round. |

In a month the work that the Elche City Council is carrying out in the northern ring will finish, with a double objective: to modernize it and reduce maintenance costs. For this reason, the main action consists of placing trowelled concrete in medians where there used to be earth, in order to lower the maintenance bill. The work has also involved the elimination of 90 specimens of palm trees, which have been transplanted and relocated at other points.

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González and the councilor for the Modernization of Public Space, Héctor Díez, yesterday visited one of the most advanced sections of the work, and highlighted that with this action, the northern ring road is “modernized and improved.”

Carlos González explained that “this action covers 3 kilometers in length between the Vía Parque and the Pont del Bimil.lenari, a road that has a daily traffic of more than 16,000 vehicles.”

For the first mayor of Elche “this action will not only improve the image of this important access road to Elche, but will facilitate its maintenance, reducing costs and favoring a landscape model that will make efficient use of water.”

The work basically consists of transforming and modernizing the entire central median along these three kilometers and three of the main roundabouts on the road.

The councilor insisted that “the objective we plan for ourselves is twofold. On the one hand, to achieve a more modern, diaphanous and clean appearance, and, on the other, to improve the efficiency of resources, both in maintenance and in the use of water.

A 3,000-meter-long drip irrigation network will be installed in the area, which, the mayor pointed out, “will favor an efficiency in the use of water resources, which is important to favor the proper use of water.”

At the same time, an action is being carried out that consists of generating a homogeneous appearance in terms of the distance between palm trees, since until now there was a very irregular distribution. The mayor admitted that “this has meant the need to transplant, with the proper permits from the Patronato del Palmeral, to other roundabouts and to the Hort de Bernia about 90 palm trees.”


Carlos González highlighted important figures from this performance. First of all, said the mayor, “we are talking about an investment of 480,000 euros in the modernization of one of the main access roads to the city. The second, 10,000 square meters of trowelled concrete along the entire avenue that favors that clean and harmonious image that modernizes the entrances. The third important figure, González said, “is the 6,700 square meters of artificial grass along the entire central median. Finally, the 3,000 linear meters of drip irrigation network are relevant ».

In addition to the intervention in the three kilometers of medians of the northern ring road, it is working on three roundabouts that are modernized and will have a homogeneous image, contributing, according to Carlos González, “to create an avenue with a totally renewed appearance and to at the same time with a significant decrease in maintenance costs ”.

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