Thursday, October 28

The new restrictions in the Valencian Community that have come into force

The mandatory use of the mask for sports in the Valencian Community comes into force.

The mandatory use of the mask for sports in the Valencian Community comes into force.

The use of the mask is mandatory since this monday in the Valencian Community during the practice of physical activity or sport within urban centers and in open-air spaces, between ten in the morning and seven in the afternoon.

The Ministry of Health has published this Saturday a new resolution in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana for which they are extended measures against coronavirus, among them the closure of the hotel business, and new ones are adopted. These restrictions have come into effect at 00:00 this Monday and They will remain in effect until 11:59 p.m. on February 15.

Using the mask

Among the novelties that are introduced, there is the obligation to use a mask to make sport in population center, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., as well as the obligation to use mask on the beaches “at all times” for all persons over six years of age. Therefore, the mask becomes mandatory to run around the city.

People walking along the Arenales del Sol beach this weekend. MATÍAS SEGARRA

However, the mask will not be mandatory during the practice of physical activity or any other activity outside population centers with which its use is incompatible, nor in the leisure activities for children and young people while staying with the stable coexistence group.

Regulations on beaches

As for the beaches, access is allowed to walk or do physical and sports activity outdoors, maintaining social distance, without exceeding the maximum number of people who can stay in a group (currently a maximum of two, except cohabitants) and always with the mask on from 6 years.

Saunas y spas

In addition, this resolution closes the Saunas, spas, solarium, Turkish baths, spas, massage parlors and the like.

Closing of shops

Regarding the closure at 6 pm of the premises and commercial surfaces that sell products or articles, the resolution clarifies that it will not apply to supermarkets, supermarkets and other small food stores.

Nor are establishments whose main activity is the provision of professional services and centers where non-regulated training is provided.

Apart from these changes, the previous measures are maintained that establish that, in spaces for public use, both closed and outdoors, the permanence of groups of people is conditioned on not exceeding the maximum number of two people, unless in the case of cohabiting persons and without prejudice to the exceptions provided.

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