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The new Secretary of State, a Leninist in favor of “liquidating” the King if the conditions were met




The man who will replace the new Minister Ione Belarra in the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Enrique Santiago, recognized on September 17, 2019 that he would assault the Palace of La Zarzuela with the same purpose that Lenin assaulted the Winter Palace in his day and that he would “liquidate” the Rey, if the same conditions were given as then. After his appointment was made public, Santiago affirmed that “the Government’s program must be strict compliance with fundamental constitutional rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, because for him “that is the 2030 Agenda.” However, in his opinion, the assassination of the Tsar and his family, it was something “anecdotal.”

This was stated in an interview conducted in video format by the magazine ‘Mongolia’ on September 17, 2019 and later disseminated by ‘eldiario.es’. Below we reproduce the fragment of the interview in which Santiago is in favor of emulating Lenin.

-Interviewer: Do you feel comfortable with the figure of Lenin?

-I absolutely. In other words, a man who organized a revolutionary process in a country that was practically feudal and was one of the countries at that time in the world with the most impoverished people, and was able from scratch to organize the construction of an alternative state. Well, frankly, I take off my hat.

-If the same conditions were met that were given with Lenin, would you go tomorrow not to the Winter Palace but to the Palace of La Zarzuela

-Undoubtedly, if the conditions were met.

– And would you do the same thing that Lenin did with the Tsar?

-If the same conditions were met, of course.

-Would you liquidate it?

– That already depends on what arose, on how it was put. You do not carry out revolutionary processes to kill a Tsar. That is something quite anecdotal in the course of history.

Enrique Santiago (Madrid, 1964) is secretary general of the PCE and deputy spokesperson for United We Can in the Congress of Deputies, and is considered one of the trusted people of Pablo Iglesias and Yolanda Díaz. He is also the spokesperson for UP in the investigation commission of the ‘Kitchen’ set up in the Lower House.

Between 2012 and 2016 he was part of the FARC legal team (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) during the negotiations in Havana with the Colombian government of Juan Manuel Santos. The legal team managed to ensure that the drug trafficking carried out by the FARC was not considered a crime but rather a form of financing a political struggle.

Admirer of the dictators of Cuba, Fidel Castro, and from Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Santiago was also vice president of the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction that was constituted in the Congress of Deputies to recover the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic, but that happened without pain or glory.

Enrique Santiago, who will collect more than 118,000 euros per year in his new position, he is expected to take office next week and thereafter, I could act as a day minister accompanying the King or another member of the Royal Family in their institutional activity, since on some occasions this function is carried out by the secretaries of state instead of the ministers.

Vox Reviews

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, yesterday criticized the appointment of Enrique Santiago: «They have made a communist, representative of the FARC, Secretary of State for the 20/30 agenda, who dreams of assassinating the Kings. Logical; they need a professional to implement a totalitarian agenda, “he said on his Twitter account.

And, shortly after, Enrique Santiago responded with another attack in the same network: «The extreme right, in its desperation, is dedicated to destroying democracy and intoxicating. All our time is dedicated to fighting for a just and decent country that guarantees all human rights. That is the way to stop fascism.

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