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The new series by Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla, a reality show of betrayals, and other February premieres on HBO Max

Tomorrow we change the month so, of course, most of the platforms of streaming are presenting their February releases. HBO Max commitment to content created in Spain, with the series Poor devil of Ernest Seville Y Joaquin Reyesand a reality with betrayals in the style of Game of Thrones… and Among us.

Although HBO Max canceled more than 20 European series a few weeks ago (which have already found a new home on SkyShowtime) and notably reduced the budget for European productions, it continues to bet on the content created in Spain.

The most anticipated premiere of the month is possibly Poor devilthe new animated series for adults of the comedians Joaquin Reyes, Ernest SevilleY Michael Stephen. They provide the voices for most of the characters.

Poor devil tells the story of Stan, the antichrist who doesn’t like to do evil. He has just turned 665 months old and he only has one month left to face his fate: unleash the apocalypse. At his birthday party, he receives news from his father, Satan: he will move to New York to prepare for the apocalypse.

She will share a flat with Mephisto, a hedonistic cat and drug addict, and Samael, a “charming” demon specialized in possessions. You can watch the trailer here:

Poor devil is finally released, after several delays, the next February 17th.

A completely different proposal is Spain. The adaptation to our country of a popular reality show that is not about coexistence, but is a kind of role playing game or escape room set in a castle.

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Driven by actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta, 18 personalities will be divided into two secret groups: one of them will try to lie and betray, and the other will bring the truth to light. Reminiscent of the game Among Us, no one knows which group the others are in. It opens on February 3rd.

Fans of The House of the Dragon will still have to wait a long time until the premiere of the second season. HBO Max wants to make the wait more bearable with the docuseries The house that dragons built.


10 episodes where they explain, in great detail, how the first season was filmed. They can be seen from February 13th.

If documentaries are your thing, All That Breathes is nominated for an Oscar. It tells the story of two brothers who dedicate their lives to protecting the black kite, a majestic bird of prey essential to New Delhi’s ecosystem, which has been disappearing from the sky at an alarming rate. It opens on February 8th.

Other HBO Max premieres in February

  • Who killed Madeleine? – February 3rd
  • Aqua Teen Forever: Plantsma – February 8th
  • Trust me – February 9
  • The Godfather of Harlem Season 3 – February 9
  • The Flash – Season 9 – February 9
  • Cormoran Strike: Cloudy Blood – Feb. 10
  • Lthe curse of windsor – February 12

Varied novelties for all audiences, although more films are missed, since almost everything is series, documentaries and reality shows.

To the premieres of HBO Max in February 2023 you have to join the premieres of Filmin, also with interesting content.

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