Wednesday, February 21

The new thing about Spotify is betting on original content and music lists designed for pets

Among Spotify’s future plans there are two proposals that clash quite a bit with each other, the first is live original content and the second is music lists for pets.

Spotify has become one of the most used streaming music platforms and, as well as being one of the first platforms to arrive, offering a free version has made many users bet on it. Over the years improvements have been seen in this platform and today a great leap has been shown.

And, it is that, from Spotify they have commented that it was time to take the step in the integration of Greenroom to the main application. For those who do not know what Greenroom is about, in a few words, it is the version that Spotify developed to compete directly with Clubhouse.

Although it seemed that it had been forgotten, Spotify had anticipated the plans for this platform and what it has done has been to integrate it into the main matrix of the music streaming application. Yes indeed, has also renamed it to leave behind any similarity to the Clubhouse format.

Among the plans that Spotify has in hand is the fact that, now, original content will begin to be produced in the application. This content is not only in podcast format, in fact, being a broadcast application, it gives rise to quite interesting music sessions throughout the days.

In fact, for the movement to make sense andThey have started to program content such as a Swedish House Mafia DJ session and, in addition, live podcasts. Of course, it will be necessary to see if they begin to make a move in our territory and integrate live shows such as Stretching the gum or Everything is a lie.

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The Spotify move might seem like the biggest thing he’s announced today, but it’s not. And, it is that, under the hood a new feature has been released that is intended for household pets. Yes, it sounds strange and, in truth, it is. But now the pets will have their own playlists.

It is not complicated to get a personalized list for pets, you just have to access the Spotify link and once inside select the pet among the options it gives (dog, cat, hamster, reptile and bird) Logically, if someone has a pet that does not fall into these categories, they will feel excluded.

Having done this, now all you have to do is write the name of the pet and select several of the options that are closest to its personality. After this what Spotify will do is a mix of the songs you like, have on your playlists and will create one from scratch for your pet as we see in the example image.

The truth is that it seems that Spotify’s plans are covering many aspects, although they should not be neglected since it was recently seen that they suffered an attack that changed the algorithm causing an already famous artist to be placed as number 1 worldwide.

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