Tuesday, December 1

The new Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid 2021 arrives in Spain

About to turn four as one of Toyota’s benchmark models in Europe and, especially in Spain, where it is the best-selling of the range, the Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid unveils its 2021 range. Various novelties, in safety, connectivity and equipment, refresh Toyota’s proposal in the C-SUV segment to do so even more attractive.

The Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid 2021 sees its active safety equipment extended by the hand of the new Involuntary Lane Change Warning with active assistant and trajectory maintenance system. This system, Once activated by the driver, it works in addition to Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), acting on the steering control and automatically keeping the vehicle centered in its lane, in addition to increasing or reducing speed as the preceding vehicle does to maintain the safety distance.

It is complemented by the previously available Assistant Involuntary Lane Change with trajectory recovery (LDA), which if it detects that the lane in which you are driving is involuntarily abandoned, crossing the lines that delimit it, emits an acoustic warning and will make a direction correction to return the vehicle to the center of the lane.

The system recognizes the standard white and yellow horizontal marking of the road, as well as the margins of the road (curbs, grass or dirt), so that steering assistance is available most of the time, both on straights and curves. If the road markings are blurred, or cannot be detected, the system will follow the path of the vehicle in front, keeping the Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid within the lane

Other novelties of the revolution of the crossover segment since it hit the market at the end of 2016 are the inclusion as standard equipment in the entire range of DAB digital radio and AVAS acoustic warning system —Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System— to alert pedestrians to the presence of the vehicle when driving at low speed in EV mode. In addition, the versions with 122 hp hybrid electric motorization (Toyota C-HR 125H), a particle filter has been added to further reduce emissions, already very low in this and in all Toyota Electric propulsion systems Hybrid.

To all this is added a new communications module data —Data Communications Module (DCM) – built into the Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid MY21. Thanks to this, MyT, Toyota’s connected services app, will allow GPS tracking of the vehicle in the future, so that if a change in position is detected, a notification will be received through the app and it will be possible to see where it is. find.

In addition, it will offer the possibility of perform a remote check of elements such as lights, windows and door locks, as well as, thanks to the eCare service, receive notifications and information remotely of possible failures and breakdowns.

In the color palette of the Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid there is another novelty: it incorporates the Kaji Orange bi-tone option with a black roof that distinguished the special launch version Kaji Edition. There is also news in the accessories section, through Toyota Custom, with a new exterior pack (Chrome Style) that includes trims on the moldings next to the fog lamps and a chrome on the lower side moldings.

With all these new features, the 2021 range of the Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid offers two electric hybrid motorization options, 122 hp and 184 hp, with three trim options for the lower power variant and two for the higher power variant.

The renewed Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid range It is now available in the Official Network of Toyota Spain Dealers, with a price of € 25,800 for the most balanced and interesting version, with Advance finish and 125H engine— or for only € 185 / month with the Toyota Easy financing program. With Toyota Easy Complet, with a 4-year warranty, 4-year maintenance and a first-year comprehensive insurance, the new Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid Advance 125H can be purchased for € 194 / month.

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