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The New Year arrives with pending promises in Elx

THE New YEAR arrives with pending promises in ex

THE New YEAR arrives with pending promises in ex

2020 is over, finally. Few will regret it. It has been a year to forget. The pandemic has changed our lives for the worse. And we still don’t know how this will end, and when we can say that the coronavirus has beenDelfeated. It is likely that the entire year 2021, to a greater or lesser extent, will continue to be greatly affected.

The vaccine is great news. And an achievement of science to be saluted. And it has to reach everyone so that it is fair and useful to all society. And even then you can’t let your guard down. We must learn from what has happened and prepare for what may come in the future. And we can and must.

And, in other aspects of our day-to-day life, it is also important that, in our municipality, issues that can contribute to a better quality of life for our population are specified. In many cases they have been promised to us so many times that, perhaps, someone may even think that they are already done. The year ends and, once again, Ximo Puig still does not sign the document to specify the 43 million euros that the Generalitat owes us for the subject of the University. It would come in handy for doing necessary things in Ex. The situation does not seem serious, it seems the opposite. Is the document to be signed so long that they never finish it? Why does the president never have time to make his promises to Ex come true? And that Puig and our mayor are on the same line in the PSOE, although it seems a knot that does not work in these things. What must be done to make them really remember us? We already had too many years of no one with the PP so that now they do almost the same to us.

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And it is what the PP continues to do with Ex. Do you remember the promises that the Provincial Council would finance a Congress Center at the same level as that of Alicante? More than the height, it must have been the lowland. In order not to specify the issue, they mounted the controversy about the location, questioning whether it is the City Council, as the highest representative of the people of Elche, the one toDelcide itDelmocratically, toDellay its execution and, now, in the 2021 budget they have put only 50,000 euros, for a work that exceeds 30 million. There is not even for the project. A tease. Bad payer excuses when it comes to Ex.

While there is still no news of improvement in the vicinity of Alacant-Ex-Murcia, we are told that, at the beginning of the year, tickets for the AVE to Madrid will be able to be purchased. There have always been classes, some will say. And it’s true. The train that thousands of people use every day will continue as in the 19th century and the AVE, which will be for a minority, is the one that concentrates the investment. On the other they have again promised us projects, studies, etc. to improve it and connect it with the airport. Come on, the usual.

Better not to talk about the Central Market. It seems that it has gone to the archive of the impossible. Or to limbo. The bad inheritance that the PP left in the city, and that the previous government team did so badly, it seems that it will continue to disfigure and mortgage the downtown area for a long time. A pity, especially when, finally, the Corridor has been pedestrianized and that space has improved so much.

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Once again, the Palmer from Elche has been promised that the new Law is about to be approved. It is time since in June 2017 the Minister Marzà promised it. Although it is not the only thing that orchards need. If the municipal dynamics do not change, little will be noticed. A good Law is needed, but also more investment and concern.

Not even the Lady thing has been resolved. So many times promised his return and only smoke and quite thick on the subject. These days it has even been news that theMadeE is already betting on enabling another space, different from the TorreDell Homenaje, after the preparation made, for its installation and that there is nothing new. The revival of the issue of the Lady seems a sign that normality is returning to the City Council. His return, never confirmed, but rather on the contrary by the Government, has always been valid for a broken orstitchedd.

In short, now that the year is beginning, it is time to make good old promises. The relationship is much longer thanDelscribed, some are even five-year old. More work and the need for it to come true is convenient. We are approaching the middle of the term and it is time to do more.

And, now that this rare 2020 is over, let’s have a good 2021.

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