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The new youth hostel in Benidorm will be a building integrated into the landscape and with two floors

A two-story building integrated into the landscape with a landscaped and passable roof; plus a camping area. All this in the Séquia Mare park in Benidorm. This is the project for a youth hostel and interpretation center, next to that camping area, that the Benidorm City Council has in mind for this well-known park. An action that is part of the Sustainable and Integrative Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI) that has municipal financing and European funds.

The winning technical team of the competition called to design the construction has presented the details of the project to the mayor, Toni Pérez; the Councilor for Youth, Jaime Jesús Pérez; members of the Corporation and representatives of the Scout Horizontes Group.

Specific, the hostel will have capacity for between 50 and 60 people, and will have: rooms for 8 to 20 beds equipped with heating, bathrooms with showers, common dining and recreation areas, a playroom or library, laundry room, washing machine, safe and breakfast or lunch service or, failing that, the use of a kitchen will be facilitated.

For his part, Interpretation center, conceived as a didactic space, will be destined to explain the uses and customs of the Marina Baixa, and which also pays tribute to the Séquia Mare as a great work of hydraulic engineering that is key to promoting the development of the towns in the region. This building will be located on a 2,626 square meter plot next to the ‘skate’ and the ‘bowl’. Regarding the camping area, will be located on a plot of 14,800 meters squares that correspond to the access pine forest to the park.

This has been explained by the architect of the same, José Manuel Escobedo, who explained that, in addition, the building will be integrated into the landscape when designing “a building in section”; so “although the slope is not very steep, making two earthworks we fit the ground floor into a semi-buried floor, which apparently makes the building occupy much lower height”.

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Presentation of the project of the new Hostel in the Séquia Mare park in Benidorm

The person in charge of the project has detailed that the pThe ground floor of the building will house “public elements” such as kitchen, restaurant, dining room, playroom and library; while on the upper floor the rooms will be located on the south side and the interpretation center on the north side. The building opens onto “a large square of 800 square meters” in which to hold cultural events or acts. In addition, it has been planned a landscaped roof -that improves maintenance and efficiency- and walkable, with “a circular route that borders the roof and that prolongs the ‘running’ paths from the park opening onto a square of around 200 square meters ”. The main building will be complemented with a camping, ‘canopy’ and multi-adventure area.

The mayor has indicated that the designed youth hostel “complies with the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Law” and will constitute “one more alternative for staying in Benidorm”. Likewise, he has reported that the writing team is already working on the drafting of the execution project, so it is expected “to have the tender underway before the end of the fall.”

Toni Pérez, has advanced that “the work is going to be executed within the deadlines set by EDUSI”, the execution will not be extended for more than nine months once the works begin. The whole project has a budget of 2,117,500 euros.

He also pointed out that it is “one of the most important infrastructures of the EDUSI, fundamentally linked to young people “ and that it is fully in tune with the concept of the park, which “was born with a great sporting and also cultural component, linked to the Séquia Mare, key in the repopulation of Benidorm from 1666”.

Pérez has had an impact that “we are providing new investments to the park, which many people already enjoy daily, generating in this case spaces for the leisure of young people in Benidorm and other parts of our geography”, while “expanding the cultural offer of the city ”with the creation of the interpretation center of Séquia Mare. As highlighted, the project proposed by the JAS Arquitectura team is “admirable from a sustainable point of view and is perfectly integrated into the park itself.”

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