Monday, January 30

The next steps until the formation of the new Italian Government

  • The formation of the Government could take between four and six weeks

After the electoral victory of the far-right Giorgia Meloni and the right-wing coalition he leads, which won the 44% of the votesthe roadmap for the start of the next term, which will be somewhat accelerated given the short deadlines for presenting and approving the Budget Law for 2023 before the end of the year.

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Despite this anomaly caused by the holding of the elections in September, the formation of the Government could take between four and six weeksaccording to the precedents.

These are the steps that will follow:

First session of the Chambers

After the final count, which may take a few days, will proclaim officially those elected to the new Chambers of Deputies and Senate with the new numbers after the reduction in seats: from 945 to 600 (400 deputies and 200 senators). Once proclaimed, the members of the new chambers must take possession next October 13 and then, after the formation of the different parliamentary groups, with the first official step of the new legislature will be the election of the new presidents of House and Senate.

Order to the President of the Government

After the formation of the Chambers, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will begin consultations to decide who to entrust with the mandate of forming the new Government. Consultations normally begin a month after the elections but, given the very tight deadlines, Mattarella could start his talks in mid-October. Although on other occasions this assignment may come after several rounds of consultations between the political parties, it is expected that this time, given the overwhelming victory of the right-wing coalition, there will be no problems for Mattarella to find a person he will commission the formation of a government.

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The investiture of the government

When the president finds the person who will embody the role of president of the government, which in this case will presumably be Giorgia Meloni, immediately later that same day or the next day, the head of state appoints a new prime minister and a new Executive. The next day, or even a few hours later, the President of the Government and the ministers are sworn in at the Quirinal Palace before the President of the Republic. And after that, one or two days later, after the first meeting of the Executive, the Prime Minister presents his programmatic speech before the Chambers to ask for the investiture vote.

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