It would be fatal news, not for the Spanish League but for those of us who warned that one of the side effects of the pandemic has been to destroy good manners and affability, to know that the Neymar solution does not work, that you can’t buy sympathy. Suddenly anyone barks at you some sanitary instructions, sends you to queue outside without coming to mind, forbids you to sit or refuses to assist you, places you on an endless waiting list or approaches you as if you were a sack of material radioactive, without saying good morning. The nonchalance has made its way into our daily dealings with the coronavirus alibi, as if between the two kisses and the slap there was no extensive room for maneuver. Adding to the contracts the ethical bonus that requires being gentle, punctual and friendly, and being available to customers (or taxpayers) would have been an incentive to return to the old normality of kindness and leave behind the prevailing moody rudeness . But if love is not in the equation of a good face and money does not work either, we will always have health. The chemist David Hamilton assures in his book The Five Benefits of Being Kind that a courteous behavior reduces depression, anxiety and stress, and also delays aging. Kindness positively influences up to seven measurable physical processes, thereby contributing to longevity. It is as contagious as any virus … and above it is free.