Thursday, June 17

The Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office asks to inhibit Ortega’s main rival for the Presidency



The Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office formally accused this Monday of Christian Chamorro, candidate for the Presidency in the next elections on November 7, for “the crimes of abusive management and ideological falsehood, both in real competition with laundering of money, goods and assets”, after two weeks of open investigation against the Violeta Barrios Foundation of Chamorro. As a consequence, he requested the inhibition of the candidate, the one who is best placed according to the polls to face Ortega in the presidential race, in the electoral process for “not being in full enjoyment of her civil and political rights, because she is in a criminal process ». Likewise, according to the ‘Confidencial’ medium, it prohibits her from leaving the country, attending “certain meetings and places”, and even contacting other people linked to the events under investigation, “to prevent them from evading the investigative process carried out in her against”.

With this, what Chamorro already feared since the investigation began, promoted by the Ministry of the Interior, and that has led the Prosecutor’s Office to summon the candidate on two occasions, as well as more than twenty journalists or media owners of communication of the country, also including such relevant people as the writer and former vice president, in the first Ortega government (1979-1990), Sergio Ramírez, who was also summoned to testify this Monday.

Cristiana Chamorro, who has appealed to the opposition unit to be able to beat Ortega at the polls next November, had presented her letter of intent on Monday to register in the selection process for the sole candidate. This would have accelerated a decision that, according to the candidate told CNN in Spanish a few days ago, had already been taken, and was to inhibit her from the presidential race.

After knowing the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, Chamorro posted a message on his Twitter account highlighting, and insisting on the fear that Ortega has of his candidacy, as he has been denouncing in recent days.

This decision of the Prosecutor’s Office would be one more irregularity of the many that have occurred these days, such as the illegal detention, which Chamorro has described as “kidnapping”, of two former collaborators -Walter Gómez and Marcos Fletes-, of the foundation.

Among the first reactions to the news was that of Carlos Fernando Chamorro, director of the ‘Confidencial’ and brother of the candidate, «Dictatorship Ortega-Murillo, orders political inhibition of my sister Cristiana Chamorro, presidential candidate, through a legal aberration: Prosecutor’s Office” disqualifies her from public office, for being in criminal proceedings “, without sentence,” he denounced on his Twitter account.

In recent weeks, repression against opponents and the media has increased. Two weeks ago, the ‘Confidencial’ was raided for the second time, and its equipment requisitioned. Some of the journalists covering the information were also detained.

Other opposition candidates, who have wanted to show their support for Cristiana Chamorrro, have been confined to their homes as Ortega police officers are posted at the door.

The tension in Nicaragua, which has not yet closed the wounds caused by the protests of three years ago, in which 325 people died, continues to increase before an election in which Daniel Ortega seeks his third consecutive reelection, for which it has not hesitated to pervert all the instruments at its disposal, such as the election of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the approval of an electoral reform that closes the way for the opposition to participate in the elections.

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