Friday, January 15

The night knows no limits: eight parties at homes and 23 sanctioned in Alicante

Local Police during a recent traffic control during the current pandemic

Local Police during a recent traffic control during the current pandemic

The operation of the Local Police this last night has been closed with other eight parties held at homes during this pandemic, and also with a bottle dissolved in Benalúa, as reported by the City Council Security Department. On the other hand, the agents have put 23 complaints for different infractions of the state of alarm, for the most part, related to the curfew, and they have sanctioned two establishments for breaking hours and allowing consumption at the bar within the police operation to deal with the covid.

The Local Police had to re-dissolve eight parties in homes last night. The agents had to go at dawn and for this reason to homes on SolAnciente, BonoGarnerr, Stenographer MartíPinteror Baeza, Painter Javier Soler, Gran VíaPinteror Murillo aCERFArdá streets. In the different homes, complaints have been filed by individuals, and also for breaching the curfew, for going without masks and for generating inconvenience and noise to the neighbors.

Architectecto Guardiola street, the agents intervened to dissolve a bottle, a performance that ended with four proposals for sanction for alcohol consumption on public roads and drinks were seized.

In the operation of inspections of leisure venues, the Local Police has sanctioned two establishments located in the old town of Alicante, which have been reported for excess hours, non-compliance with sanitary measures and safety distances, and for allowing consumption at the bar.

During the surveillance with traffic controls and patrols through the city, the agents of the Fox units and the night service of the Local Police have raised 11 reports of complaint between this Saturday and Sunday, throughout the night, to people who have breached the curfew.

Along with all these interventions, at 01.35 am, on Vicente Aleixandre Street, the agents intercepted a driver of a passenger car that was breaking the curfew, and in the tests he tested positive for alcohol and toxins. The driver has been administratively denounced for both infractions. In addition to the financial amounts involved in the penalties, the sum of both offenses will result in the loss of 10 points on your driving license. The vehicle has been withdrawn to the depot.

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has appealed to the “individual responsibility of each one to protect ourselves from infections because we have to put a stop to a third wave after the holidays”, and added that “we cannot lower our guard at any time We must continue avoiding meeting friends, meeting in groups and taking extreme precautions in compliance with safety and preventive measures for the health of all.

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