Saturday, May 28

The nightmare flattens – Information

However, the nightmare and the evil summer dream we realized that it was not such, that it was a absolute reality and that humanity was not prepared, as much as she thought, and that the destructive power of a simple virus has caused a radical and brutal change in people’s behavior and has mobilized the entire population in the search for quasi-immediate solutions.

Humanity has realized that it is vulnerable, and, furthermore, very vulnerable, and is incapable of adopting collective solutions with a general command that can give guidelines on how to act in the face of a problem as serious as this. However, it is true that from a scientific point of view, despite some initial auguries that he set in 2022 as the start of vaccination, the vaccine has advanced against the most negative forecasts, and the effort that has been made done by the scientists who have developed the different vaccines has allowed us that, although with certain slowness in its implementation, given that it is a global problem of all humanity, they have begun to supply vaccines to everyone, setting more deadlines. or less prudent to achieve the much desired general immunity.

Despite everything, the virus has left a tremendous ballast, not only psychological in the population that is demonstrated in the reactions of many people, but, also, a drag economic Promoted by the logical restrictive measures that have had to be adopted to stop the spread of the virus. But these measures always have to be accompanied by the assumption by citizens that the best way to prevent them from happening again restrictive measures is the individual responsibility. Because if this had existed, surely, they would not have had to adopt such restrictive measures as those that the Administration has been forced to adopt, motivated more than by the rapid spread of the virus, by the lack of responsibility of many people who they have put their personal interests and their ego before the general interest of the community. And this has been shown in the excessive socialization of many people with holding events, and with meetings, as if none of this was happening, and because many people considered that the virus was something that could happen to others, but could never happen to oneself. It has been considered by many that the virus is something foreign and that it will never enter your body. And that confidence mixed with selfishness and Absolute absence of collective responsibility is what has helped the virus to spread so quickly.

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Nevertheless, it seems the latter measures are working more than individual responsibility and that the curve is flattening and returning to sustainable rates that require, however, the respect and education that it is necessary to have in moments as serious and tragic as the ones we are experiencing, which is what will help , together with the measures that have been adopted, so that the curve flattens and that, little by little, together with vaccination, we can look to the future with greater tranquility.

But the best way to help those who have had to sacrifice financially with the closure of their establishments is with individual responsibility, because this is how we will avoid the adoption of restrictive measures and that a fourth wave has to come. Now is the right time to confront this problem decisively, since together with the decrease in infections caused by the measures adopted, together with the gradual evolution of the vaccination process, what was called new normal it may be closer than that fiction that was glimpsed after the alarm raised and the confidence of many citizens that this had ended.

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