Thursday, December 2

The nightmare of the garbage mountain as tall as an 18-story building in India

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Image source, AFP


There are more than 16 million tons of garbage in the Deonar landfill.

India’s “mountains of garbage” will soon be replaced by waste treatment plants, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised earlier this month. Saumya Roy * writes for the BBC about the oldest of them all, as tall as an 18-story building, located in the western coastal city of Mumbai.

Every morning Farha Shaikh stands atop a century-old mountain of waste in Mumbai, waiting for the garbage trucks to come up.

This 19-year-old has been rummaging through this suburb of Deonar landfill for as long as she can remember.

He usually recovers plastic, glass and wire bottles from the viscous waste, which he then sells in the city’s thriving waste markets.

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