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The non-stop career of «Espíritu sagrado», García Ibarra’s debut feature

The history of manners with touches of science fiction shot in Elche by García Ibarra, which combines mystery, humor and darkness and stars ufology fans who keep a cosmic secret, premiered this summer at the Locarno Festival, in which it received a special mention from the jury, it also went through the Seville European Film Festival, where it had its national premiere, and recently received the audience award and special mention from the jury at the Margenes Festival held in Madrid, a city that is currently hosting the Rizoma festival, in which it also participates .

The list does not end there. Holy Spirit has received the Nouveaux Cinéastes award at the Cinespaña Festival in Toulouse and the Fipresci Jury (International Association of Film Critics) for Feature Film 2021 during the Cinefest Miskolc in Hungary. In addition, it has six nominations for the next Berlanga Audiovisual Valencian Awards, including best film, direction and screenplay.

That García Ibarra has sneaked in with his debut among names like Almodóvar or Bollaín at the Feroz awards is not surprising, since his previous short-format projects -The attack of the robots from Nebulosa-5, Protoparticles, Mystery, The disco Shines or Golden Legend – have always enjoyed the applause of independent film critics or authors. Despite the fact that short films do not usually reach theaters and have a less commercial route, their works have been awarded in temples such as Sundance, the Berlinale or San Sebastián.

In addition, this project (a co-production by Alicante’s Jaibo Films with Apellaniz and Sosa, Jaibo Films, La Fabrica Nocturna Cinéma and Teferruat Film) has been simmering since 2019, as the filmmaker from Elche was selected by large international creation laboratories in its previous process, such as the Oxbelly Screenwriters Lab, the TIFF Filmmaker Lab of the Toronto Film Festival and the Film Independent / HFPA Residency, being in all the only Spanish project.

The Feroz Awards They are organized by the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AICE), a group of more than 230 journalists and critics dedicated to reporting on films and series on television, radio, press and the Internet throughout the country. They are delivered on January 29 in Zaragoza, as a prelude to the Goya.

In its selection of nominees, made public yesterday, El buen Patron, by Fernando León de Aranoa, has obtained 9 nominations and Parallel Mothers and Maixabel, eight, in the films section of these awards. The film Josefina, by Javier Marco from Alicante, has also achieved a nomination in the category of best leading actor (Roberto Álamo).

In turn, the nominees for the recently named Feroz Outburst of fiction and non-fiction, which replace the Special Award and the category of Best Documentary, will be announced on December 21. In the first screen of 15 selected figures, Posidonia, by Alicante’s Adán Aliaga, appears.

The director recommends

The premiere of Espíritu Sagrado in Alicante will be at the Kinépolis cinemas in Plaza Mar 2 and in Elche, at the ABC de L’Aljub. Here, the director recommends completing the experience by visiting the Charly bar, where he has shot some scenes.

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