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The Northern Lights Could Be Seen In The Sky Over New York Before Halloween: Will The Weather Allow It?

It is expected that in different areas of the country you can enjoy this atmospheric phenomenon.

Photo: Mariana Suárez / AFP / Getty Images

Halloween weekend 2021 could have a special addition, and it is that it is predicted for this Saturday that an aurora borealis can be seen in various areas of the country, including New York; however, the weather could be the obstacle for a good visibility of this natural phenomenon.

This Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that can amplify the Northern Lights this Saturday and Sunday, could be enjoyed from tonight in the city to help give a special tint to the Halloween night that still awaits.

But weather conditions will be key for people to enjoy the Northern Lights. In New York it seems unlikely that the sky will remain clear for the flashes of light to be reflected, and clouds could make this fascinating phenomenon invisible.

Tom Messner, NBC5 Meteorologist, reported on Friday that constant rains were expected, reaching the Champlain Valley. Also for Sunday isolated rains are expected, but at this point the visual effect of the aurora would already lose strength.

CMEs sprouted from the sun on Thursday, and with the orientation and rotation of the earth around the sun. This mass is expected to impact the Northern Hemisphere this Halloween weekend, manifesting in the Northern Lights.

This has caused the National Office for Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to issue a G3, or geomagnetic storm alert for this Saturday and Sunday before the eruption hits land. Geomagnetic storm scales are evaluated from G1 to G5, which is the most extreme, reported CNN.

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) also classified this event as a G3 geomagnetic storm., which means there would be potential implications for low-orbit satellites, spacecraft, and communication systems around the North Pole this weekend.

However, this atmospheric effect, which is the visual result of electrons from the solar wind interacting in the planet’s magnetosphere and ionosphere, does not threaten human life.

In the rest of the country, the SWPC projected that in parts of the Northeast, The Upper Midwest and Washington State would be in range to see the Northern Lights on Saturday and Sunday nights, but they would have visibility in the sky to the north. In Canada and Alaska it is expected that the northern lights can be seen with intensity, he said. NPR.

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