Wednesday, February 28

The Nothing Phone (1) will arrive in the summer and soon you will be able to try Nothing OS on Android

Although we haven’t seen it yet, we already know that Nothing is working on its first mobile, the long-awaited Nothing Phone (1) that we will see this summer. In addition, they have also confirmed that they are working on a launcher called Nothing OS that we will see very soon.

One of the companies that is raising the most expectations is Nothing, the European company that has a huge team of talents in its ranks and is led by Carl Pei, one of the founders of OnePlus.

After Pei’s departure from what was his company for many years, users expected something revolutionary and with that spirit of OnePlus in terms of courage. And go, his first device was a statement of intent.

At the height of true wireless headphones, Nothing launched the Nothing Ear 1, headphones that we analyzed back in the day and that, apart from their sound performance and active noise cancellation, made us fall in love with their design.

Seeing those lines with transparent parts that reveal the interior of the device, renders and designs began to appear imagining what Nothing’s first mobile would be like, a phone that, apparently, has been seen at the Mobile World Congress, but that still is not ready to be presented to the public.

And it is that, no, although we have just attended the company’s event as a virtual public, We have not had any specific news regarding the Nothing Phone (1). We know that it will be the second device in the company’s product ecosystem and that it is being designed to fit perfectly with the ecosystem they want to create.

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Of course, although we have not seen the mobilel, we have some interesting details like that it will have Nothing OS. The mobile will have Android, of course, but above Google’s operating system it will run its own customization layer that wants to integrate with hardware and software to offer a perfect user experience.

According to Pei, it will have distinctive design lines and, from what we have been able to see in some screenshots, the truth is that it follows that style with “dots” that we have seen both in the company’s name and in the Ear (1).

If you are one of those passionate about these layers, Nothing will allow a launcher to be downloaded in a preview that can be installed on certain mobile models, to be confirmed, starting in April. This is something similar to what POCO did back in the day with the POCO Launcher.

Now we just have to wait for the official presentation of the Nothing Phone (1) to tell you all the details and, of course, to that moment in April when we can download Nothing OS to tell you what it’s like.

oh! And something important that Pei has highlighted is that there are more than 300 people in the team and, in addition, they have contacts such as Google, Samsung, Qualcomm or Sony for the various components of its products, as well as a global supply network to meet demand.

Wow, good old Carl has raised the hype that there is around a Nothing Phone (1) that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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