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On digital Darwinism or how to survive the technological revolution. For most users, modern life presents an incredibly complex daily challenge that doesn’t always have an obvious solution. We constantly face micro-challenges that are not easy or involve overexertion for a large percentage of the population. It is the cost of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, a new reality that is advancing much faster, more volatile and uncontrollable, in which there is no other option but to adapt to survive. As the economist Klaus Schwab predicted, “In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything mankind has experienced before.” As if that were not enough, the pandemic has accelerated the process of digitization of society in the last two years.

And the result has been uneven according to age and level of knowledge. Searching for information on the Internet, carrying out a process with the digital certificate, buying online, using the cloud or, something as common as managing an ATM, is a challenge for many. It has changed the way we buy and consume, relate to each other and inform each other, and not a few have been forced to adapt overnight. But, as Andoni Alonso, professor at the Carlos III University, points out in an interview with El País, we are facing “the obsolescence of the mind and of our technical capacities. Nobody thinks that it will end up affecting us all.” Age does not forgive.

We should reflect, be critical and less complacent about new technologies: those who suffer from wild digitization today will be us tomorrow. All progress must be associated with an improvement in the quality of life, leaving no one behind. It is about finding new solutions to old problems, without forgetting that, sometimes, the simplest and not the most obvious is the best; to try different things that make digital life easier; to be efficient and win in happiness. It is what Life Hacking pursues. Obsolescence – mental or technological – should not mean the end of anything, it is only the price to pay for the passage of time.

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The latest in social media: What is being talked about on the Net

Go to to find out minute by minute what is happening in technology and mobility, and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

The photo of the week

Dark visual illusion.

Top 5: Important news…

…and what they mean to you.

News: The hobby of the week

self defined.

The topic of the week: What’s new from Samsung

With the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung launches its new high-end phones in three models and sizes: Galaxy S22 (6.1”), S22 Plus (6.6”) and S22 Ultra (6.8”).

The theme of the week: The gym for gamers

A joystick instead of dumbbells: Hamburg now has a somewhat special gym: cyber athletes train in the United Cyber ​​Space.

The theme of the week: Computer Hoy Awards 2021

One more year, the Computer Hoy Awards want to recognize the brands, products and technological services most valued by users. The following have been the favorites of 2021.

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All about security: 7 Tricks for safe online purchases

When buying on the Internet, we can find many hidden dangers and pitfalls. Computer Hoy explains how to purchase products safely.

The gadget of the week: The most complete Paperwhite

The latest update to the Kindle Paperwhite is very subtle: a larger 6.8” screen and USB C charging. The big news comes from the hand of the Signature edition. What does it offer?

News: News

The latest in technology, apps, entertainment, VR, business, education and startups.


50 Clever Tech Hacks for Everyday Life

Technology is more fun for those who use it in a different way than usual. That’s why, in Computer Today, we present you the most exciting technological tricks. Enjoy them!

Educational tools: Learn to use WordReference

If Google’s translator doesn’t cover your needs, WordReference provides many other advantages: it’s a dictionary, verb conjugator and synonym search engine. All in one!

Manage your photos: Resize many images

Do you need to increase or decrease the dimensions of many photos at once? Don’t waste time, Fotosizer takes care of carrying out this task in a single process. Easier impossible!

Word processors: Create and use page borders

Do you want to decorate your pages or the cover of your documents with a striking border or frame that frames them? From Word, it will be sewing and singing. Do it now!


Comparison: 8 Video Surveillance Cameras

What a surprise: a stranger makes the best surveillance camera on the market.

The latest technology

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablets, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 and P11 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi 10 smartphone, AVM FRITZ!Box 4060 router, Kingston Fury Renegade 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD and Logitech G435 headset.

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Technology for all: What is digital identification?

From an analog world to a digital world: Over the last three decades, there has been a constant transformation in the way we live and work.

Technology for all: The science and how to communicate it

Some issues have had a special role in the process of generating and communicating science in the last two years.

We solve your doubts: Questions & Answers

There are many questions about technical issues that you send us. In this section we answer all your questions.

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