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The ‘nuñismo’ returns to the bench

The ‘cruyffismo’, the other magnetic pole that has marked the recent history culé, returns to the Camp Nou again by the hand of Laporta and sends the ‘bartorosellismo’ to the stands

“As Johan said in this stadium on the occasion of his tribute: ‘Only God knows what it took to get here! And the cruyffistas know it,” he said. Joan Laporta in his inauguration, which ended more than a decade of ‘neonuñismo’. ‘Cruyffismo and nuñismo ‘ They have been the two magnetic poles that have marked Barça since in 1988 the constructor from Barakaldo put the team in the hands of the flying Dutchman, who altered Barça’s defeatist DNA. ‘Rauxa’ against ‘seny’, money in the field against money in the bank, sporting ambition against patrimonial ambition, football understood as sport as business … Now, as happened 11 years ago, neo-nationalism returns to the bench and the pendulum swings back towards ‘cruyffismo’.

Núñez, who had won all the elections from 1978 until 2000 when he passed the baton to Joan Gaspart, in 2010 he cast his vote for Rosell to help close the “laportista-cruyffista” parenthesis that had opened in 2003. The black “gaspartista” three-year term meant that in 2003 there was no continuation candidate. Only Josep Martínez-Rovira, who had resigned as vice president two years earlier, presented himself as the guardian of the ‘nuñista’ essences. But he barely got 2,388 votes, almost 25,000 less than a Laporta that Johan Cruyff entered as a figurehead.

“Voting ‘yes’ to the motion is voting ‘no’ for Cruyff”

Five years later ‘Nuñismo’ attempted a new assault to put an end to ‘Cruyffismo’. “To vote ‘yes’ to the motion is to vote ‘no’ to Johan Cruyff”, sentenced Josep Maria Bartomeu in the motion against Joan Laporta of 2008 that both he and Rosell supported. They won the game (60.60% against 37.75%), but without reaching the 66.6% of negative votes necessary to throw Laporta and Cruyff out, who, betting on Pep Guardiola, would start a new virtuous cycle.

The ‘neonuñismo’ managed to put an end to the ‘cruyffista’ parenthesis two years later, when Laporta could no longer aspire to another term, questioning the partner who paid more attention to Laporta’s forms than to titles. Rosell’s program praised “the rigor in management and professional direction and the leadership and austerity of President Núñez” and the builder did not hesitate to proclaim his vote for Sandro.

The change at the Camp Nou was immediate, Núñez entered and Cruyff left. The father of the ‘dream team’ presented the badge of honorary president after the board said that the statutes did not contemplate this figure. Núñez, who had not participated in any club event with Laporta, attended a book presentation at the Camp Nou a week after traveling to the final in London, invited by Rosell.

In 2015 Laporta tried his first comeback, but on the back of the triplet, Bartomeu managed to retain the presidency he had inherited from Rosell. And he did it by a landslide, with 54.4% of the votes, together with 3.7 for Toni Freixa.

After Cruyff’s death in 2016, Bartomeu tried to modulate his ‘anticruyffist’ language, with gestures such as the Johan Cruyff stadium in the sports city and pointing to Toni Freixa as the culprit for Cruyff returning the badge.

It may interest you

Freixa, exportavoice of the board with Rosell, was the only one who wanted to pick up the reviled flag of ‘nuñismo’ in the elections called after Bartomeu’s resignation. “To be called a Nuñista is an honor,” he repeated during the campaign, leaving Laporta and Font to compete for ‘cruyffismo’ (Jordi included).

But the story of Martínez-Rovira was repeated in 2003 and Freixa could not stop the pendulum from moving away from ‘Nuñismo’. Like the former vice president of Gaspart, Rosell’s export spokesperson barely achieved 4,769 votes (8.58%) while the ‘Laportismo-Cruyffismo’ returned with a landslide, sending the ‘Nuñismo’ to the bench.


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