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The nurses denounce that the school protocol of the covid is not followed

Half-empty classroom in one of the province's institutes for fear of coronavirus infections

Half-empty classroom in one of the province’s institutes for fear of coronavirus infections

The nurses, through their regional representatives in the Official College and the Nursing Association, denounce that school protocols against covid are not being followed and decisions with possible repercussions that endanger public health are being left in the hands of families.

Silvia Chamorro, president in the Community of the Spanish Scientific Association of Nursing and School Health, warns that they have already warned that the current situation that schools are going through could arrive, as a result of the saturation of the “collapsed” health centers, and due to the “insufficient number of trackers, which leads us to a situation of uncontrolled community transmission ».

In these circumstances, the representatives of the group of nurses criticize that even Contradictory orders are received regarding the return to classes after a lockdown, which ultimately makes families “a self-responsibility to manage situations that endanger public health,” insists Chamorro.

This responsibility is what seems most “serious” to him, as a consequence, he remarks, that school nurses are removed from the case finding and follow-up process.

The creation of a covid manager in schools and institutes has placed this position on the director of the center or a teacher delegated expressly for this, and the nurses regret that they should have been counted on as health professionals.

The president of the Official Autonomous College CECOVA, Juan José Tirado, It is abundant that the World Health Organization itself “has mentioned in a report that the school environment and the ability to maintain prevention and control measures for covid 19, go through the need for school nurses in schools.”

Tirado recalls that education “is a right of all boys and girls”, and that “it must be guaranteed, minimizing the risk of disease in them and in the entire educational community”, in addition to “giving peace of mind to parents and teachers .

Both representatives demand the inclusion of school nurses so that the protocols are really complied with, favoring at the same time the “Close collaboration between health centers and educational centers” among which the need for agile communication fails as a result of the progressive increase in infections and the loss of their traceability.

They regret that after the return of the Christmas holidays everything “has worsened with the outbreak of the third wave”, and that in addition different criteria are received on home isolation or return to the center after confinement. “Contradictory orders are received from Public Health and from Primary Care doctors, and with different ways of proceeding in the same situation,” denounces the group of nurses.

Like the directors who signed the letter sent to Education on these issues, the nurses affirm delays of “between 4 and 7 days for PCR tests, and on numerous occasions those affected have not been called to communicate the results of the test.” As has happened in a school in Alicante, whose students have received the call from the trackers the same day that they have returned to class after completing the forced confinement, and without officially knowing the result of the PCR.

Strike of students in 16 institutes of the province

The student union once again calls a day of strike of students in the institutes on Thursday of next week, the 11th, to pressure the Ministry of Education on the closure of the centers and the suspension of exams, as declared yesterday by the regional spokesman , Carlos Naranjo. Most of the 20 secondary schools that join the strike day are in the province of Alicante: Virgen del Remedio in Alicante, Sixto Marco and Tirant Lo Blanc in Elche, Batoi and Alcoy School of Art, La Fuentes de Villena , the integrated VET center in Elda, Marcos Zaragoza in La Vila, El Palmeral in Orihuela, Vinalopó in Novelda, Mediterráneo in Torrevieja, Almadrava, Bernat Sarria, Pere María Orts and Mediterranía in Benidorm, and the IES Xixona. Naranjo insists that “the centers are not safe, no matter how much Education says, because the facts are resounding and the data worse than those of the first confinement”, and calls for “the paralysis of the educational and productive activity until the curve of contagions ».

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