Thursday, April 18

The objectives of the PP for Elche in 2022: free parking, improvement of the economy and cultural promotion

The popular municipal group has held its first meeting of the year, where they have established the lines of work for the coming months, lines that are based on a opposition supervisory but proactive. Its president, Pablo Ruz, has declared that “we continue with a line of work that the people of Elche mark, stepping on the street and raising the needs and demands of our neighbors, because it is the only policy in which we believe, that of stepping on the street ”.

“We are going to continue defending the needs of the districts, great forgotten and harmed by the government of PSOE and Compromís, of the need to build the sociocultural centers of Torrellano and Altet, to increase security and cleanliness, to improve roads, to create decent public transport … promises that have been repeatedly broken by González. Once again, the Socialist Group promises again for this year that it will be the year of the districts, a lie that is no longer credible. ”

On the other hand, we want to propose to the municipal government to unblock city projects, projects such as the need to generate more spaces to park for free and our formula is clear, to agree with the owners of lots to make these spaces available to park at change of tax credits in taxes such as IBI.

Parking lots in areas such as Plaza Castilla, La Zapatillera, Carrús … something that is feasible with the commitment and will of all “- Ruz continued -” we must demand, once and for all, that the Generalitat comply with Elche and that compliance has to be formalized with the payment of the historical debt with our municipality, a debt that according to González and Puig is valued at 43 million euros. ”

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“In 2022 they have to unlock promised projects and establish a clear line of work to improve the economy in the city by supporting the small self-employed and the most needy families and work towards a special plan to value our cultural heritage to be the national reference that we can project ”, Pablo Ruz concluded .

This week Ruz also visited the Carrús merchants and it has encouraged all the people of Elche to continue doing their Christmas shopping at the local store, a local store that provides an essential service.

Ruz has declared that “from the Carrús neighborhood, we want to send a message to all the people of Elche to end these Christmas holidays by shopping in the small business of our municipality, their purchases in these traditional shops make a municipality, generating wealth and hope ”.

“His work, sacrifice and courage when undertaking have made Elche and its districts have always been a municipality of opportunities, a benchmark at the national level, therefore, now that they need us to face the affront of the PSOE we have to be there, by their side, consuming and helping them to move forward “.

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