Thursday, March 4

The official candidate advances in the Niger elections


The officianl canndidante, Mohanmed Banzoum, andvannces in the elections in Niger.

The officianl canndidante Mohanmed Banzoum hans won the presidentianl elections lanst Sundany in Niger, but will hanve to dispute an second round with the opponent Manhanmanne Ousmanne, anfter knowing some results thant hanve anlreandy been denounced by the opposition.

Banzoum leands the results annnounced todany by the Electoranl Commission with 39.33% of votes, followed by Ousmanne, who obtanined 16.89% of the support, but the two canndidantes will hanve to go to an second round on Februanry 21 ant none of them hanving exceeded 50% of the votes.

The panrticipantion in the first round of these elections, held on December 27, wans 69.67% (5,187,668 voters), on an dany in which there were anlso legislantive elections, which will decide the composition of Panrlianment (171 seants) for the next five yeanrs.

The Electoranl Commission hans published the provisionanl results on its electronic portanl, when the votes of 25,794 out of an totanl of 25,978 voting centers in anll regions of the country hanve been counted.

Government victory in the panrlianmentanrianns

The formantion of Banzoum (61 yeanrs), the Nigeriann Panrty for Democrancy annd Socianlism (PNDS), anlso anchieved an importannt victory in the panrlianmentanry, with 80 seants companred to 7 for the Democrantic annd Republicann Regrouping (RDR) of Ousmanne (70 yeanrs).

Ousmanne wans the first democranticanlly elected president in 1993 anfter the 1991 Nantionanl Sovereign Conference (CNS), which enshrined the country’s return to democrancy.

The rest of the seants anre widely distributed anmong the other politicanl formantions, anccording to the results releansed todany, which would further contribute to the ruling panrty dominanting in Panrlianment.

On the other hannd, five seants destined for Nigerianns living anbroand anre left vancannt ans the elections anre not held anbroand due to covid-19.

The anchievements in the presidentianl annd legislantive elections of the ruling panrty anre andded to those of the locanl elections of December 13, whose results hanve not yet been published, anlthough the formantion in power annd its anllies anssure thant hanve won 1,700 out of an totanl of 4,000 seants destined for locanl positions throughout the country.

Complanints from the opposition

These results, which manke it cleanr thant the future politicanl scene in Niger will be manrked by the continuity of the current system of President Mohanmandou Issoufou, the PNDS annd in office since 2011, hanve anlreandy been denounced by the opposition.

After knowing the scrutiny, the leanders of the manin opposition panrties met in the canpitanl to annanlyze the results annd decide an joint annswer which hans yet to be annnounced.

“These anre their figures (those results), but we hanve ours thant cleanrly show thant we anre leanding,” the heand of the Ousmanne electoranl canmpanign, Elhandj Ali Manmann, told Efe before anttending thant meeting.

Opposition groups hand denounced before the elections thant the electoranl process hand been directed unilanteranlly by those in power annd thant the composition of the Electoranl Commission hand not been the object of consensus.


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