Wednesday, October 20

The Official Language School of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón, without places to take the Valencian exam

History repeats itself in the official language schools (EOI) of the Valencian Community. The high demand and the need of thousands of people to prove their knowledge of Valencian have made it, once again, very difficult to enroll in the certification exams. A situation that already occurred last year and also with the latest tests of the Valencia Knowledge Qualifying Board (JQCV).

Despite the fact that the deadline to register for free remains open until next Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Interested people can no longer do so in any of the EOIs that offer Valencian, and in any of its levels: from B1 to C2.

This is how this newspaper has been able to verify it, since the platform enabled by the Generalitat to register for the exams shows an error message when selecting the Valencian and marking a level: “There are no places left for the indicated language in the Official School of languages ​​indicated ”. Thus in each of the 23 EOI that offer the possibility.

According to some affected people who have contacted this newspaper, this situation already occurred on Friday afternoon, the same day that registrations were opened for people who are not enrolled in any EOI of the level they need, generally C1 and C2. “We were all day without being able to enter because the web did not work and it was collapsed, and when we got it in the afternoon, there were no more places for C2 in any school,” they say.

The same sources wonder why places are limited “when we pay fees that cover the expenses we generate when examining ourselves, the necessary infrastructure, the staff …” and remember that accrediting the knowledge of Valencian at present is a requirement for many jobs, for example, to access the public function.

It is essential to have a degree and this is not understood, it does not have any solid argument, that they let all the people present themselves ”, claims an affected family.

A recurring situation

This situation already occurred last year when, before the pandemic broke out, More than 10,100 people enrolled in the Unified Certification Tests (PUC) of Valencian throughout the Valencian Community.

Given this, the Ministry of Education already explained at the time that the offer had been expanded. “It is not that the number of places has been reduced, on the contrary, each year they have been expanded, we have tripled the offer in the last courses”, they pointed to Levante-EMV, since it had gone beyond the 3,254 places available for To be examined by free at the beginning of the first Legislature of the Botànic at 10,170 of the past 2019-20.

Now, from this call, the Ministry does not provide data in Valencian, but indicates that the offer to examine non-enrolled people “is sized according to the total volume of students enrolled in the EOI that the PUC and the measures have to face this course of protection and prevention that must be applied to covid-19 to guarantee that they are carried out in safe conditions ”.

Thus, they recognize that the “volume of vacancies is very limited because the PUCs are not designed to meet a massive demand as is the case of the Valenciano tests of the València Coneixements Qualifying Board (JQCV), since although Education has reinforced considerably in the last courses the teaching staff of the EOI (more than 15%), the function of this teaching staff is to attend to the enrolled students and not to manage massive tests ”.

However, in the last call of the JQCV, only for level C1 -which was held in October because it was postponed due to the pandemic-, the 11,000 places offered were also sold out in one day, leaving out many of the interested people

From Education they recall that the 7 Valencian universities integrated into the Interuniversity Commission for Accreditation of Standardization of Accreditations (CieaCOVA) also call accreditation tests for all levels of Valencian and announce that the Board is already preparing a call for C1 with 14,000 places and others 11,000 C2 for November.

The EOI network of the Valencian educational system, which is made up of 24 schools and 50 sections distributed in 67 municipalities, calls unified tests for the certification of language knowledge in 14 of the 17 languages ​​offered: German (B1, B2, C1 and C2), English (B1, B2, C1 and C2), Arabic (B1 and B2), Spanish for foreigners (B1, B2, C1 and C2), Basque (B1), French (B1, B2, C1 and C2), Greek (B1), Italian (B1, B2 and C1), Japanese (B1), Portuguese (B1, B2 and C1), Romanian (B1), Russian (B1 and B2), Valencian (B1, B2, C1 and C2) and Chinese (B1 and B2).

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