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The «Okofen» rises with the final victory of the J80 Winter League

Bayona (Pontevedra)



Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen ruled the Baitra J80 Winter League this Saturday after winning on the last day of testing and taking the final victory in the competition organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates with the sponsorship of Baitra Accesorios Navales

The sailboat led by the Vigo navigator and manned by his son Jaime together with Iago Carrera (who replaced Javier, the other of Gándara’s sons who competed in the previous days, on the last day) and Diego Fernández, achieved the laurels of the Monotype league after signing 5 first places in the 8 races contested.

In the last stage, held this Saturday, De la Gándara and his team, who had been in first position since the second day of testing, managed to maintain their good numbers. They crossed the finish line ahead of the entire fleet in the two regattas of the day, one held in the interior of the Bay of Baiona and the other in the Carallones area, both with a northwesterly wind that moved between 7 and 12 14 knots.

Okofen finished with 10 points in the general classification, with 6 and 16 points ahead of the second and third classified, proving once again why it is one of the best J80s currently sailing in Galicia.

The silver of the competition went to the Alboroto of Juan Carlos Ameneiro, in which this last day the Spanish J80 champion, Javier Aguado, returned to sail. With two second places in the sets of the last day, he did not manage to snatch the victory from Okofen but he did stay in the second drawer of the podium. It was another of the favorites and it did not disappoint.

The Marías of the Portuguese Manel María, who was third of the previous day, managed to consolidate the bronze position, leaving few surprises in the top positions of the Baitra J80 Winter League, with a trio of aces that barely gave respite to their competitors, occupying the highest positions in the classification practically from the beginning.

Among the rest of the 19 participants, Fernando Yáñez’s Cansino and José Luis Pérez’s Maija were the most prominent. They slipped into the Top 5 with 26 and 31 points respectively, quite a distance from the rest of the sailboats.

Further down the table, with numbers starting at 45 points, were the Spaco by Santiago Estévez, the Due by Rafael Blanco, the Luna Nueva by Juan Luis Tuero, La Galera by Miguel Fernández, the Ferralemes by Rosario García, the SDN Cormorán by Francisco Martínez, Namasté by Luis de Mira, by Joao Nuno Allen, Petrilla by Jaime Barreiro, Luxoconf by Jean Claude Sarrade, Miudo by Nacho Salgueiro, Pazo de Cea by Iago Carballo, Picacho by Yago Marquina and El Mondo by Bernardo Macedo.

After the dispute of the last tests in the water, the crews met on land to participate in the awards ceremony for the winners, which was attended by the general director of Baitra Accesorios Navales, Juan Carlos González, sponsor of the event. The mayor of Baiona, Carlos Gómez; the delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo, Marta Fernández, and the sports deputy of the Diputación de Pontevedra, Gorka Gómez.

The Baitra J80 Winter League is one of the two competitions that the Monte Real Club de Yates organizes exclusively, every year, for the J80 fleet. The second appointment will be in October with the Fall League, but previously the 8-meter monotypes may also participate in the Galician A Dos Championship (June 5), the Conde de Gondomar Trophy (July 23, 24 and 25) and the Prince of Asturias Trophy (3, 4 and 5 September).

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