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“The only possible answer is to open the economy to the world”



In a context of political instability in Latin America, also immersed in a strong economic crisis, Ecuador emerges as a point of reference. Conservative Guillermo Lasso’s five-month rule is bringing hope to the region and may inspire neighboring countries. In this period, it has managed to create 275,000 jobs and expects to reach two million new jobs in four years. In addition, he seeks to increase the security of his country in the face of the growing drug trafficking problem. Investors are looking for security. Ecuador needs an efficient state to potentiate all its resources and generate a dynamic economy, “said the Ecuadorian president this morning during his participation in the ABC Spain-Ecuador Forum. Thinking about the 21st century, which has also had the participation of the former Spanish president Jose Maria Aznar, of the sociologist and academic of Moral and Political Sciences, Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, (vice president of UNIR) and the director of ABC, Julian Quirós. A meeting moderated by ABC Latin America columnist and flying correspondent, Carmen de Carlos. To achieve an efficient government that responds to the needs of society “the only possible answer is to open the economy to the world,” he pointed out.

«Tolerance and dialogue are fundamental in Democracy. We are promoting dialogue with our different people and building a majority in the national assembly that allows the approval of fundamental laws such as fiscal sustainability or the indispensable labor reform to facilitate job creation ”, Guillermo Lasso explained in his speech. With extensive experience in the private sector, the president of Ecuador knows that the country also needs a new investment law to create jobs and fight security. Among his next steps is a visit to the Mexican president Lopez Obrador to propose the free trade subscription and “then request registration in the Pacific Alliance, which is the multinational institution that has produced the greatest effects in Latin America in different areas and is the place where Ecuador should be.”

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Example in the vaccination process

In just 100 days the government of Ecuador got vaccinate nine million Ecuadorians, which represents 52% of its population and at the moment it has already reached 10.4 million. “We have a stock of vaccines so that in December 85% of the population will be vaccinated,” the president has advanced. They have also managed to control the pandemic and not register any deaths from Covid. Upon coming to power, he acknowledges that he has found “a country that has a fiscal deficit of 4.5% of GDP in economic matters” and in social matters “has unemployment that hits 70%. Only 3 out of 10 Ecuadorians have a formal job. ” In addition, there is the serious problem of chronic child malnutrition and great security challenges. “A large part of the territory, a third, is without radar control on irregular flights in terms of drug trafficking. We have a public health problem due to drug use that did not exist 14 years ago and today it is a reality, ”Lasso lamented. A problem for the solution of which Ecuador “requires the support of the region and also of the EU. We cannot get ahead alone.

Despite finding a poorly managed country, “it has resources in oil, minerals, telecommunications, and other assets that we want to show the world to attract foreign investment”, showing its confidence and optimism for the future of the country.

José María Aznar considers that Guillermo Lasso «knows perfectly what the country needs and he is a man more of facts than of dreams. You know your job is to make decisions and not make big speeches. Security, institutionality and investment and progress are the three fundamental elements of its policy ”, highlighted the former head of the Spanish Government. “In a worryingly disordered Latin America, Lasso appears as a point of reference,” he added. He believes that Spain has an essential obligation in Latin America and “for a long time we have not fulfilled it. There is an alarming setback and it makes me sad. He has also ensured that for Spain to be more important in Europe it must also be in Latin America. Greater prominence on the international scene means “having a relationship of just over 29 steps with the US.”

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During the conversation it has emerged how some Latin American countries want Spain to apologize for what happened during the conquest 500 years ago. «Once the Cold War was over, new causes were invented to fight democracy, the constitutional order. It is intended to rewrite a story. There are groups of the extreme left, of extreme populism that want to raise a flag with little acceptance in Ecuador. I do not agree that Spain has to apologize to me. I do not participate in those ideas ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Professor Lama Espinosa has highlighted the serious situation that Latin America is going through, being the region that is going to grow the least in the world. He believes that one must ask “how to achieve efficient states that offer physical and legal security to achieve long-term investments.” In his view, the world does not care about Latin America, «it has little presence, only ahead of the Sub-Saharan Sahara which is growing a lot. And Latin America is not projected either. It is not there, it is not expected, it does not participate and that is bad for them and for Spain ».

In conclusion, the director of ABC recalled that Ecuador is a point of reference for the Latin American region, with a president who “speaks of good practices, wants to bring employment and quality of life to his people. If that is achieved, these threats and dangers will be overcome. He hopes Ecuador inspires other countries.

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