Wednesday, June 7

The only restrictions in Madrid: the New Year’s Eve chimes and the Parade, with capacity

The Madrid Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, pointed out this Saturday that “for now” the Madrid’s community will not adopt “any type of restriction”, despite the increase in coronavirus infections.

In statements to journalists, at the closing of the Patient Management Course held at the Niño Jesús University Children’s Public Hospital, the Minister of Health highlighted the growth of the cumulative incidence, which this Saturday stands at 579 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at fourteen days.

In addition, it is detecting more follow-up in the Primary Care network and in Madrid hospitals there are 770 hospitalized patients621 of them in the ward, while the number of patients admitted to intensive care units remains stable, around 150.

The predominance of the omicron variant is above 50 and 60 percent in some areas with respect to the delta variant, according to Ruiz Escudero, who has recognized that the omicron variant is much more contagious, but the clinical evolution of those affected is “better” than in other situations.

Ruiz Escudero has indicated that, in this sixth wave, the Community of Madrid continues in the same line that it has maintained since the beginning of the pandemic and has appealed to responsibility and to the prudence of the people of Madrid, urging them to use the mask, especially indoors, ventilate the spaces and protect the most vulnerable, which are the unvaccinated, the elderly, immunosuppressed patients and cancer patients.

To date, there has been no plan to increase restrictions on activity at any level“After taking into consideration the epidemiological situation, the clinical evolution of patients infected with the omicron variant and vaccination, the counselor stated.

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Likewise, it has emphasized that the performing antigen tests it is also “a good practice to be able to know what the situation of each one of us is in the face of the virus”.

Sales of antigen teas go up

The Community of Madrid distribution of free antigen tests will begin next week in pharmacies in the region. The counselor recalled that since last May – although the Community of Madrid requested it in September of last year – pharmacists already sell self-tests of antigens to citizens and has specified that a large part of those pharmacy positives reach the network Primary Care.

“I don’t know how they will be at the supplier level with the antigen tests in the pharmacies, but I do know that they have been sold a lot and that sales have increased a lot in the month of December with respect to the month of November “, has commented Ruiz Escudero.

Chimes and cavalcade, with capacity

The New Year’s Eve Chimes and the Three Kings Parade They are “two events that are held outdoors”, which “reduces the possibility of contagion by over 90 percent compared to those held indoors,” the counselor pointed out.

Within the coordination that the two institutions maintain, he indicated, the Community of Madrid has already spoken with the Madrid City Council about these two activities, “which may be carried out, with certain capacity restrictions for security reasons and due to the covid-19.

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