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The opposition and Cs pressure the PP so that Bernabé Cano leaves the act of deputy

The provincial deputy and mayor of La Nucía, Bernabé Cano, in a file photo.

The provincial deputy and mayor of La Nucía, Bernabé Cano, in a file photo.

The opposition groups (PSOE and Compromís) and Ciudadanos pressed this Thursday the president of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, to comply with the agreement of the plenary session by which the three groups have joined forces to ask the until now deputy responsible for Sports, Bernabé Cano, who leaves his certificate after his vaccination. From Ciudadanos – a government partner of the PP in the Diputación – they assured that Mazón “has to comply with the agreement”, trusting that the PP is internally arbitrating a solution to comply with the vote of the plenary session and remembering that the orange anda has publicly demanded his resignation.

The PP came out under pressure from the groups and recalled that it has already opened an information file on Bernabé Cano and that it has not yet been closed. He also insisted that the Ministry of Health has still open its investigation file about his vaccination and that no conclusions yet. In addition, the popular ones added that the Diputación is going to open a commission of inquiry on the controversy generated by the numerous irregular cases and asked Ximo Puig to clarify responsibilities. The president, Carlos Mazón, signed last week the decree of permanent cessation of powers of the deputy Bernabé Cano.

The motion of the socialist group in the Alicante Provincial Council to request the deputy Bernabé Cano to leave his act as councilor, or otherwise, be expelled from the PP group, was supported by a majority by adding the votes of Compromís and Ciudadanos. Based on this vote, the spokesperson Toni French He stated that, although the PP voted against, “Carlos Mazón has a moral and legal duty to officially ask Cano to resign as a deputy”, adding that “the plenary session has spoken clearly and has asked Cano to leave his act or be expelled of the popular group ». Frances launched a question on the air: “Will the president, Carlos Mazón, comply with the agreement?”. Both the Socialists and Compromís on Thursday accused the popular of “protecting” the so far Sports deputy, insisting that the slogan of all parties at the national and regional level has been to remove the vaccinated charges. Regarding this, the spokesperson for the coalition in the institution, Gerard Fullana, He pointed out that “if Mazón is going to wring the bag and contradict not only the plenary session, but also its leader, Pablo Casado, the best thing he can do is go home.” Likewise, Compromís pressured the PP to also open an investigation to detail why the Provincial Council included Juan Bautista Roselló on the vaccination list without being part of the essential personnel and why another method was followed in the Provincial Home. According to Fullana, “Zaplanismo has turned the Provincial Council into the house of scandals while the administration is conspicuous by its absence.” Regarding the vaccination of Roselló, both the PP and the deputy responsible for Doctor Esquerdo maintain that it was Public Health who indicated that the vaccine should be administered to the center’s staff and who ratified the list in which his name was included.

Compromís finalizes the complaint for the PP invoices

Compromís announced that it is finalizing the complaint to demand the. The spokesman, Gerard Fullana, denounced the “attack” that his adviser has received in the Provincial Council and assured that the objective of these accusations is “to intimidate us” in matters such as “the sympathy that the PP made in the Alicante Fair Institution or the breaches of the Popular Party of Alicante when it comes to justifying the transfer of hundreds of thousands of public euros to a party account in Murcia ».

The PP puts the focus on the Compromís advisor

The popular denounce that Ximo Perles locates his professional office in the Provincial Palace

The spokesman for the popular group in the Alicante Provincial Council, Eduardo Dolón, asked this Thursday the spokesman for Compromís in the provincial institution, Gerard Fullana, to give explanations about the Perles case after denouncing that the advisor of the Compromís group, the also councilor in the Calp City Council, Ximo Perles, locates his professional office in the Provincial Palace to practice as a lawyer. Dolón indicated that “Fullana must stand up and stop supporting immoral behavior that could lead to a very serious offense due to mismanagement of public resources», He explained.

The popular group asks the Secretariat and Human Resources to rule on whether Ximo Perles has committed a serious offense due to the misuse of public resources by locating his office in the Provincial Council. Dolón has asked the Provincial Council to certify the compatibility of the advisor to be able to practice law privately in this mandate.

For its part, Compromís answered these accusations and explained that said advisor does not practice law professionally in the private sphere, does not have a personal office in the Alicante Provincial Council and does not charge any remuneration other than for his work as a public servant. According to the coalition, he is in charge of legal matters that affect the activity of the Compromís group in the Diputación, for which, as they specified, he maintains his professional address in the office of the coalition on Tucumán street since it is his place usual work. The Valencianists also made reference to the certification by the Provincial Council that he is a temporary worker of the institution. Perles will request protection before the Bar Association for this matter. For its part, the socialist group showed its support for Perles in the face of what it considers “an unjustified attack.” From the socialist group, they assured that the accusations made by the PP “using the springs offered to hold power in the institution reflect their nervousness”, so they asked the PP to apologize to Perles and “rectify these falsehoods.”

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