Thursday, June 17

The opposition charges against Mazón in the first plenary session after the pandemic

Fullana has given Mazón the book written by Francesc Arabí, “Citizen Zaplana. The construction of a corrupt regime” in which the arrival to power of Zaplana is narrated and a way of doing politics is described that ended with the imputation of the former president. “You go out”, the Valencian deputy has commented to the president of the institution. Inside, Fullana has written a dedication with words from Ovidi Montllor: “We got tired of living years ago saying how it goes… Let the past not return.”

For his part, the spokesman for the popular group in the Alicante Provincial Council, Eduardo Dolón, today denounced the “Double yardstick that the spokesperson for Compromís in the Alicante Provincial Council, Gerard Fullana, has once again shown, criticizing the transfuguismo in the provincial plenary session of the institution and accusing the others of skipping the plenary agreement at the same time that his party was holding a motion of censure in Godelleta ”. “We have seen the real Gerard Fullana again: he dresses as a champion of transparency and exemplarity while hiding what his own party was doing in another locality,” said Dolón.

On the other hand, the spokesperson for the Popular Group has regretted that the PSPV and its spokesperson in the Diputación, Toni Francés, have “bowed today to the interests of their boss in Madrid defending the political payment that Mr. Pedro Sánchez makes to the condemned of the process in order to stay in Moncloa ”. Dolón has thus referred to the defense that Francés has made in the plenary session of Pedro Sánchez’s pardons. “Today the PSPV of Toni Francés spoke that the pardons were a good path against the criteria of the Constitutional Court itself, which just today has endorsed the penalties applied in the process and the assault on the Catalan Parliament.”

“From the Popular Party we are not going to accept political payments to people who do not regret it, the pardon implies a repentance that those responsible for the procés reject. We are not going to accept this payment from Sánchez for staying on the couch ”.

In addition, the spokesman for Ciudadanos, Javier Gutiérrez, has assured that Compromís’ motion in which he asked to condemn the transfuguismo “lacks credibility” and He has accused Fullana of “believing that transfuguism is only so when others do it.” He has also reproached him for “using the past, going back to stages overcome more than 20 years ago, to hide that Compromís that resorts to those same practices that he now censors, as has happened in Teulada, Canals or in Font de la Figuera, and to cover up objectionable cases like Divalterra ”.

For its part, the socialist group in the Alicante Provincial Council, has managed to approve a motion, with an amendment from the government team, for the institution to reform the current grant-granting plan of the provincial institution in order to alleviate “the bureaucratic burden “which, as the socialist spokesman, Toni Francés, has defended,” at times supposes a real suffocation for municipalities, especially those with a smaller population. ”

The socialists have achieved the commitment of the government team so that a working group is created made up of the political groups and the technicians of the Provincial Council that are considered necessary, with the task of “studying together an effective proposal, in order to reduce the bureaucratic burden on the municipalities in relation to the lines of subsidies and public aid ”, before the end of the third quarter.

Francés recalled that the proposal “we already made in the negotiation of the budgets with the government team and its objective is to rethink the subsidy system, not only to reduce obstacles and processes, but also to open the possibilities of reaching more concepts . The calls are so specific that sometimes there are needs in towns that do not have a possible subsidy line. Grouping, creating broad lines would allow to reach more needs ”.

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